02.05.14 — WHEAT

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Puzzle by Tracy Gray / Edited by Will Shortz

SHREDDED WHEAT (7A. Breakfast cereal … or a hint to what’s found in the answers to the four starred clues?), HELL OR HIGH WATER (17A. *Any foreseeable difficulty), THE WALTONS (25A. *”Good night, John-Boy” series), GREAT WHITE (50A. *Fearsome shark) and SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW (59A. *”Why am I not surprised?”) constitute the interrelated group of this wholly agreeable Wednesday crossword.

1900s Farm Tractor Wheat Shredder

Other — HIDEAWAY (38D. Secluded spot), NEST (27D. Leaves home?), NOISE and SHHHH (7D. It may elicit a 6-Down; 6D. “Quiet, please!“), OCELOT (2D. Spotted wildcat), OUT TO SEA (11D. On a cruise), SWATHS (45D. Mowers’ paths), “Reading Lolita in TEHRAN”, WEEDY (26D. Needing hoeing, say), WHEEZE (39D. Huff and puff).


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