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Dendroaspis (literally "tree asp"), commonly referred to as Mamba, is a genus of family Elapidae which comprises four species, all of which are highly venomous, fast-moving land-dwelling snakes of Africa. They are feared throughout their ranges, especially the black mamba. In Africa, there are many legends and stories describing these snakes. ~  Wikipedia 


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Puzzle by Will Nediger / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Her 1994 memoir has the chapter “Desert Storm”, BARBARA BUSH; 12. Plant visitor, BEE; 15. What watts and volt-amperes have, EQUIVALENCE; 16. Elementary education, briefly, RRR; 17. High interest?, FASCINATION; 18. Choice for a portrait, OIL; 19. U.K. honours, OBES; 20. What you may open the door for, DRAFT; 21. Aftermath, WAKE; 22. Fun time, GAS; 23. Toddler coddler, MOMMY; 24. Display options, briefly, LEDS; 25. Serpent with a Zulu name, MAMBA; 26. Zany, MADCAP; 28. On track to win, AHEAD; 31. Use pumice on, perhaps, EXFOLIATE; 33. He wrote of a “vorpal blade”, CARROLL; 35. Gets to a seat, say, LEADS IN; 36. Member of the German Expressionist group Die Brücke, EMIL NOLDE; 38. Sky boxes, KITES; 39. Exhibit explainer, DOCENT; 40. Strawberry, for one, EX-MET; 42. Tom Clancy’s “Every MAN A Tiger”; 43. Polaris or Procyon, F STAR; 44. Persian language unit?, MEW; 47. “The Wizard of Oz” farmhand, ZEKE; 48. Psychoanalyst Melanie KLEIN; 49. Hometown of the mathematician Fibonacci, PISA; 50. Much like, À LA; 51 Words accompanying a low bow, YOUR MAJESTY; 53. X or Y lead-in, GEN; 54. Uno’s alternative, OLIVE GARDEN; 58. Suzanne, e.g.: Abbr., STE; 56. Light insufficiently, UNDEREXPOSE.

Down — 1. Muddle, BEFOG; 2. Great Rift Valley port, AQABA; 3. Dodges, RUSES; 4. Some 27-Down, BICS; 5. Prefix with culture, AVI; 6. Like some inspections, RANDOM; 7. Danger dinger, ALARM BELL; 4=8. Old Sony format, BETAMAX; 9. Come together, UNIFY; 10. Cock-a-leekie eater, SCOT; 11. Incubator, HEN; 12. Sent out in waves, BROADCAST; 13. Composer of several “Gnossiennes”, ERIK SATIE; 14. Man’’s name that sounds noble, ERLE; 21. Cooperation exclamation, WE DID IT; 23. MADONNA With the Long Neck: (Parmigianino painting); 24 Pro athlete in purple and gold, L A LAKER; 29. Cary’s “Blonde Venus” co-star, MARLENE; 26. Dispenser of Duff Beer, MOE; 27. Desk set, PENS; 28. Made no mistakes on, ACED; 29. No breakfast for a vegan, HAM OMELET; 30. TV anti-heroine for 41 years, ERICA KANE; 32. One whose shifts shift, FLEX-TIMER; 34. Development site, LOT; 37. Warrant, DESERVE; 41. Handle, MANAGE; 43. Subject to change, FLUID; 44. Screw up, MISDO; 45 Business fraudster Billie Sol ESTES; 46. General who won 1794’s Battle of Fallen Timbers, WAYNE; 47. Navigates a switchback, in part, ZAGS; 48. Severinsbrücke’s city, KÖLN; 49. One may be fingered, PERP; 51 “Revolution” or “Hound Dog” starter, YOU; 52. Port named after a U.S. president, informally, JAX.


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THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

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