02.15.14 — The Saturday Crossword

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Puzzle by Julian Lim / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Position papers?, KAMA SUTRA; 10. Joneses, LONGS; 15. Vanity case?, EGOMANIAC; 16. When Epifania is celebrated, ENERO; 17. Picayune, PENNY ANTE; 18. Not barred, LEGAL; 19. Low prime, in Paris, TROIS; 20. Newfoundland, in Naples and Nogales, TERRA NOVA; 22. Grp. That suspended Honduras from 2009 to ’11, OAS; 24. Messages using Stickies, say, E-NOTES; 25. Certain guy “ISO” someone, SWM; 28. Emmy-nominated show every year from 2006 to ’09, HOUSE MD; 32 Suffix with 18-Across, IST; 33. Just-once link, THIS; 35. Beta testers, e.g., USERS; 36. Steely Dan’s title liar, KATY; 37. One blowing up a lottery machine?, BALL; 38. Prozac alternative, PAXIL; 39.Winnebago relative, OTOE; 40. Odds and ends, LIO; 41. Clan female NIECE; 42. Mexican president Enrique PENA Nieto; 43. Clear, NET; 44. Crane settings, MARSHES; 46. Van follower, often, DER; 47. Japanese guitar band, IBANEZ; 49. Toy type, for short, POM; 51. Flippers, e.g., FORELIMBS; 55. Members of a joint task force?, NARCS; 59. “It’s AN ILL wind …”; 60. Dole, RATION OUT; 62 Green with five Grammys, CEELO; 63. Writer of the graphic novel “Watchmen”, ALAN MOORE; 64. Home to the Villa Hügel, ESSEN; 65. Outdoor contemplation location, ZEN GARDEN.

Down — 1. Didn’t spoil, KEPT; 2. Sun or stress, AGER; 3. MSG ingredient?, MONO; 4. Certain DNA test, AMNIO; 5. Follows a physical request?, SAYS AH; 6. UNA vez más (over again: Sp.), 7. Photoshop addition, TINT; 8. Mention on Yelp, say, RATE; 9. Aspire PC maker, ACER; 10. Tycoon Stanford, LELAND; 11. Bridge opening option, briefly, ONE NO; 12. Managed to get through, NEGOTIATED; 13. Where to read a plot summary?, GRAVE STONE; 14. Totally out, SO LAST YEAR; 21. Overnight activity, REM SLEEP; 23. Iconic “Seinfeld” role, SOUP NAZI; 25. Eighth-century Apostle of Germany, ST BONIFACE; 26. Old collar stiffeners, WHALE BONES; 27. Engagement parties, MILITARIES; 29. Company that added four letters to its name in 1997, U S AIR; 30. Sides in a classic battle, SEXES; 31. Longtime Cincinnati Pops conductor Kunzel, ERICH; 34. Payment caution, SLO; 36. One of a silent force?, KOP; 44. Longtime name in banking, MELLON; 45. Its seat is Santa Rosa, SONOMA; 48. Lawyer on “Ally McBeal:, NELLE; 50. No modest abode, MANOR; 52. 2009 Grammy winner for “Make It Mine”, MR AZ; 53. Farm block, BALE; 54. “Mr. Mom” director Dragoti, STAN; 56. Cross, ROOD; 57. Purpose of many a shot, CURE; 58. Old carbine, STEN; 61. End to end, ING.


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