10.18.09 -- Cryptic Crossword

22-Down. God! The woman’s smothering me (6), HERMES
Sunday, October 18, 2009
Cryptic Crossword by Richard Silvestri, edited by Will Shortz
I won’t take the time to explain my solution or analyze the puzzle’s clues and answers, nor will I presume to criticize in any way this piece of torture -- the pain was exquisite!
Across: 1. Ahead after the first six outs (6), INNING; 4. Starts to serve carrots, rice, fruit and cornmeal concoction (8), SCRAPPLE; 9. Doesn’t forget about clubmen (9), REMEMBERS; 11. Nearly state the price of one share (5), QUOTA; 12. Beautiful woman travels south to embrace man of the cloth (7), GODDESS; 13. I left pair of Englishmen in Lincoln, a city in Texas (7), ABILENE; 14. Instructor usually describes doughnut-shaped surface (5), TORUS; 16. Apparent occurrence involving Freudian subject (7), EVIDENT; 19. I can’t be changing presidential advisers (7), CABINET; 21. Firm soldier keeping red dog (5), CORGI; 23. Former bowler carrying American flag (7), EXHAUST; 25. Widespread tirade about stereo component (7), RAMPANT; 27. Rate two New England states kind of square (5) MERIT; 28. Being nearby, one stranger made time (9), IMMEDIATE; 29. See great new accommodations on board (8), STEERAGE; 30. Stress current coin (6), ACCENT.
Down: 1. Doctor in hot water (8), IRRIGATE; 2. Matt turned up in “The Drifter” (5), NOMAD; 3. Brown shade between poles one and two (3), NUMBERS; 5. In France, it’s a piece of jai alai equipment (5); 6. Get a group of singers on the radio (7), ACQUIRE; 7. Dissident is in favor of the Examiner (9), PROTESTER; 8. Rubbed out Times editor (6), ERASED; 10. Each back from the Atlantic Coast (7); EASTERN; 15. Fault research about Orioles’ first Triple Crown winner (9), RACEHORSE; 17. Break in new timer (7) INTERIM; 18. Not properly handle matters I resolved (8); MISTREAT; 20. Bully Bishop Sheen (7), BLUSTER; 21. Funny fellow corpsman? (7), COMEDIC; 22. God! The woman’s smothering me (6), HERMES; 24. Insubstantial German article (5), THING; 26. Saw Spot grow older (5), ADAGE.
Am I wrong?
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