10.17.09 -- Oh, Saturday!

Jacques Brel in performance, Dans le Port d'Amsterdam
October 17, 2009
Puzzle by Chuck Deodene, edited by Will Shortz
Oh, those oh-so-vague/could-be-anything clues coupled with a good dose of obscure and/or surprise answers -- that’s what makes a Saturday crossword!
Across: 1. Through the efforts of, THANKS TO; 9. Crystals used for dishes, SUGAR; 14. Sputnik launch time, SOVIET ERA; 16. Meter reading, USAGE; 17. Didn’t rely just on memory, TOOK NOTES; 18. Tearful, MOVED; 19.
Pooch in panels, ODIE; 20. Not comprehending at all, LOST; 21. Track speedster beginning in 2000, ACELA; 22. Unburdened, RID; 23. Of the seafloor, BENTHIC; 25. Underworld goddess, HEL; 26. Touch to resolve, MESSY; 28. It’s a real stretch, EON; 29. Drift, ROVE; 30. Gorges (on), LOADS UP; 33. One making a good impression?, APER; 34. Unlike seawater, POTABLE; 37. Piece keeper?, GUNBELT; 39. “Rock IV” villain IVAN Drago; 40. It may have clawed feet, BATHTUB; 42. Soon to be up, NEXT; 43. “Do they not ERR that devise evil?”: Proverbs 14:22; 44. Minute, BITSY; 48. Municipal reg., ORD; 49. Bows out, RESIGNS; 52. Cast, HUE; 53. Went with, CHOSE; 55. Bit ingéniosité, IDEE; 56. Moravian capital, BRNO; 57. Lacked, HADN’T; 58. Get some quick lodging, RENT A ROOM; 60. Sen. Bayh’s senior counterpart, LUGAR; 61. Guard against drifting, SNOW FENCE; 62. Passing lines?, ELEGY; 63. Rat out, TATTLE ON.
Down: 1. Brief weather phenomenon?, T STORM; 2. Hip-hop top, HOODIE; 3. Bypasses, AVOIDS; 4. Brand that may be worn with a 2-Down, NIKE; 5. The New
Yorker writer Auletta, KEN; 6. Pirated, STOLE; 7. County in Idaho, Montana or Wyoming, TETON; 8. Matricidal figure of myth, ORESTES; 9. Cause of a rash response?, SUMAC; 10. Natl. athletics supporter, USOC; 11. Offered a way out, GAVE HOPE; 12. What pupils are separated by, AGE LEVEL; 13. Klaxon-sounding occasion, RED ALERT; 15. Like, AS THOUGH; 23. Invitation notation, BYOB; 24 Keypad’s function, INPUT; 27. Editorial feature, SLANT; 29. Literally, “my master”, RABBI; 31. He said “If Attila the Hun were alive today, he’d be a drama critic”, ALBEE; 32. Fusty greeting, DEAR SIRS; 34. Double-decker?, PINOCHLE; 35. Remake, OVERHAUL; 36. Bit of trickery on the schedule, TAX DODGE; 38. Lumps, NUBS; 41. Fishing weapon, TRIDENT; 45. It’s definitely a reserved seat, THRONE; 46. BP competitor, SUNOCO; 47. Tower of London figures, YEOMEN; 49. Second shot; RETRY; 50. Piazza de Ferrari setting, GENOA; 51. Wrapper stat., NET WT; 54. It might result In a run, SNAG; 56. Belgian balladeer, BREL; 59. Tailward, AFT.
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