10.23.09 -- What You See Is What You Get

Truth, by *damnengine, Dennis Sibeijn
October 23, 2009
Puzzle by Barry C. Silk, edited by Will Shortz
WYSIWYG (52A. Acronym for a kind of PC video screen display) is as good a description as any of the clues and a fair number of the answers in this Friday jawbreaker. "They may be seen with tails" turns up TOP HATS. "One skilled at mimicry" produces PARAKEET. "Dragging sound?", VROOM. Take your pick, name your poison -- this Friday, it’s what you see is what you don’t get!
Moving along, we come to
BRYCE CANYON and VALLEY FORGE (23A. National park with the Pink Cliffs, 43A. Washington locale), the two longest entries in this crossword, whereupon six nine-letter entries ensue: ESTRANGES (35D. Turns away); OUT OF DATE (2D. Like Windows 95, e.g.); PRINCETON (3D. Tigers’ place); RE-EXAMINE (33D. Take another good look at); TEST PAPER (1A. Often-dreaded handout); TREE RINGS (34D. They help with dating).
Eight-letter -- SPRAY CAN (7D. Mist generator); HAM RADIO (37D. Hobby with call signs);
PATELLAS (29A. Tibia neighbors); and the aforementioned PARAKEET -- check it out HERE.
Seven -- ADULATE (25D. Fancy to a fault); ALTOONA (15A. Locale of a Penn State campus); BELIEVE (23D. Hold); DEALING (55A. Pusher’s activity);
ELENORE (57A. Title girl in a 1968 Turtles hit); ETONIAN (36A. Many a King’s Scholar); EUROPOP (14A. Some breezy Top 40 songs; HALTERS (37A. They won’t cover your back); IN RANGE (58A. Reachable); ONENESS (60A. Identity).
Six -- DUARTE (31A. 1980s El Salvadoran president);
JIGSAW (8A. Piece project?); LARGOS (59A. They don’t move quickly); RENDER (38A. Hand over).
Five -- ADELE (26A. One-named singer with the 2008 Grammy for Best New Artist); 12D. ANGLO-Egyptian Sudan; ASYLA (44D. Shelters);
AZTEK (15D. 2001-05 Pontiac made in Mexico); CEDAR (24D. Cone bearer); COKED (28A. Converted from coal via distillation); 10D. GOLAN Heights; GLENN (47D. Actor Ford of “Gilda”); LARRY (30D. Fine with the Stooges); LASER (45D. Option for some surgeries); LYING (46D. Two-faced); OF AGE (41D. 18 or 21, typically); SOOTY (11D. Blackened); TAXER (42A. Government, often); TO ERR (6D. Pope statement opener); VOWEL (43D. One of an au pair?); WAY IN (13D. Door).
Short stuff --
ALAN (51D. Actor Ford of “Snatch”); AMIN, APT, ARA and ARE and ARAL, ATKA and ATLI, ITO and JLO, LEND, NCOS, OSAY, PFC, POOR, RANT, TONE, WOO, YRS.
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Remaining clues -- Across: 18. A kid may be told to watch it; 19. Philippic; 21. Mythical Hun king; 22. One might be promoted to cpl.; 48. Sacrifice site, in Sienna; 49. Start of a song that ends with “brave”; 50. ___ Sea, modern site of ship graveyards; 51. 1979 exile to Saudi Arabia. Down: 4. Opposite of dull; 5. Quick; 8. Quadruple-platinum 2001 album; 9. Klugman’s “Quincy, M.E.” co-star; 20. Mil. E-4 to E-9; 27. Advance; 32. Aleutian island; 39. Below C level?; 53. Shower with gifts, say; 54. Representation of 34-Down: Abbr.; 56. “___ not!”.

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