10.10.09 -- Esoterica

Perched upon a bust of Pallas, just above my chamber door; / Perched, and sat, and nothing more.
Gustave Doré: The Raven Illustrations
October 10, 2009
Puzzle by Natan Last, edited by Will Shortz
WHIPPERSNAPPERS (6D. Ones who are too big for their britches), OOMPA-LOOMPAS (7D. Willy Wonka’s work force) and OLD IRONSIDES (21D. What the Constitution is called) are the long entries slicing down the center of this Saturday crossword which is filled with unfamiliar fare festooned with far-fetched clues.
Nine-letter entries --
BICAMERAL (2D. Like Japan’s national diet); ELIOT NESS (33D. Officer who was still hunting in the 1920s-’30s); ESOTERICA (3D. Dark matter?); LAY IT ON ME (38A. “I’m listening, bro”); PIROUETTE (31A. Revolutionary dance move?); TALL ORDER (32D. Hard thing to pull off).
Mid-size -- BONA FIDE (52A. Real); DELTAS (28A. Some mouths); HOOLIGAN (16A. Tough); ICONIC (17A. Kind of statue or status);
I’M A GONER (57A. “This looks like the end for me!”); IMMINENT (18A. Close); LATE PASS (59A. Excuse for a teacher); MEA CULPA (23A. Admission of sorts); NIPS AT (49A. Barely bites); NO IDEA (55A. Comment from the clueless); PARSONS (35A. Service aces?); SAT OUT (42D. Opted not to play); SNITCH (5D. Tell); SPAMALOT (46A. Tony winner between “Avenue Q” and “Jersey Boys”); SUREST (58A. Like the best bet); TROPPO (20A. It means too much to a maestro); UNSNAP (41A. Release with a pop); VISINE (14A. Redness remover); WORD GAME (6A. Ghost, e.g.).
Five -- ABETS (1A. Is an accessory for); AGENT (11D. One making the cut?); AROMA (44D. Range attraction); ENTRE (13D. Between, to Batista); MANOR (D. Reeve’s charge);
MARKS (43A. Graffiti, say); METRE (25A. It’s around a yard around Buckingham Palace); MOBIL (43D. Shell alternative); PERCH (27A. Bust of Pallas, to Poe’s raven); RAN AT (45D. Charged); SALON (42A. Where locks are changed?); TERSE (60A. Not drawn out).
NINA (49D. Noël Coward title woman “from Argentina”), NOR, PAL, PEN and PEZ, PINS, PLIE, ORA, RNS, ROMO, SATE, TIN, TUNE, ZAC.
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Remaining clues -- Across: 19. Slangy pronoun; 22. “None shall slumber ___ sleep”: Isaiah 5:27; 30. “___ the Viking, 1989 film starring Tim Robbins; 34. Actor Efron of “High School Musical”; 36. Part of it is often in the clouds; 40. It might follow a 31-Across; 48. Time, in Torino; 50. They can take the pressure: Abbr.. Down: 1. Keen; 4. Spice holder; 8. QB Tony; 9. Sixth-century year; 10. It’s played with two hands; 15. Shade for shades; 24. Comic strip outburst; 25. Fannie ___ (some securities); 26. Ending for a record; 27. Candy acquired while holding one’s chin up?; 31. Congratulates, in a way; 35. Basting aids; 37. With 40-Down, friend you may have never met; 39. Good laugh; 40. See 37-Down; 47. Staffs; 51. Be enough for; 53. It might be checked at the door; 54. Many a metro sexual; 56. Really ruffle.

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Why isn't "diet" capitalized? (3 down). This just seems wrong, and a pretty cheap trick.