10.27.09 -- Rah! Rah! Sis-Boom-Bah!

Cheerleader Yelling Into Megaphone, Revere F. Wistehuff
October 27, 2009
Puzzle by Chuck Deodene, edited by Will Shortz
CHEERLEADER (57A. Shouter of this puzzle’s circled sounds), RAH! RAH! SIS-BOOM-BAH! contained within the entries of TETRAHEDRON (17A. Solid with four triangular faces), RAHM EMANUEL (25A. Chief of staff in the Obama White House), GENESIS (35A. Start of the Bible), BOOMERS (37A. Post-W.W. II demographic, informally) and GRAND POOBAH (49A. High muck-a-muck) are the interrelated group of this cheerful Tuesday crossword.
Eight-letter entries include AUTO LOAN (3D. Help in buying a car), EXTEND TO (38D. Reach as far as),
SAN MATEO (10D. Redwood City’s county), SUN DECKS (36D. Places for tanning).
Seven -- DEEP END (29D. Part of a pool for diving); ENIGMAS (22D. Riddles); LOW BALL (34D. Like an offer that’s under actual value); HARDEST (53A. Most difficult); ENIGMAS (22D. Riddles),
HEADPIN (18D. First thing usually hit by a bowling ball); SOMEONE (21A. Unnamed person).
Six -- AGHAST (44D. Shocked); BARELY (13D. By a hair); 47D.
Fernando BOTERO, painter of plump figures; DRAWER (45D. Bureau part); ITUNES (12D. Oneline music mart); MARLEY (46D. Jacob whose ghost appears to Scrooge); MORSEL (8D. Tiny bit to eat); RECOUP (11D. Win back, as losses).
Five -- ADMEN (44A. Commercial writers); AFORE (67A. Previously, in poetry); BLOOM (9D. Flower);
HYENA (51D. Carrion consumer); IAMBS (6A. “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” has five of these); INUIT (14A. Eskimo); 63A. John Lennon’s “Instant KARMA!”; NITRO (64A. Explosive); PEAKS (1A. Mountains); PSHAW (50D. “Nonsense!”); STAIR (5D. Series of steps between floors); SWOOP (66A. Bird of prey’s dip); VIOLA (15A. Instrument played with a bow); TIPSY (31A. Midway between sober and drunk).
Short stuff -- AID, AWL, AXES, BLOB and BOOB, CUR, DUEL,
EMO (59D. Popular music style), EMS, ENE, ERR, ETA, HUES, IRAE, IVE, KIRK, LEG, LYNN, MEW, NAIF, OKIE, PEW, PIT, PUN, RAP (58D. Popular music style), REAM, RIB, ROE, SEE, SLO, SOW, SSTS, STAT, SWIG, SYL, TRY, WOOD, YORE.
Rah! Rah! Sis-boom-bah!
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Remaining clues -- Across: 11. “Spare” thing at a barbecue; 16. Gate guess: Abbr.; 19. Scoundrel; 20. Lone Star Stater’s northern neighbor; 23. Part of a word: Abbr.; 28. Alternative to an iron, in golf; 30. Sword fight, e.g.; 32 “Dies ___” (hymn); 33. Seat where people may sing 32-Across; 34. Knee’s place; 41. Bit of wordplay; 42. Boar’s mate; 43. X, y and z, in math; 47. 1958 sci-fi classic, with “The”; 48. Population fig., e.g.; 52. Lifesaving team, for short; 56. Cobbler’s tool; 62. “Didn’t I tell you?”. Down: 1. Quarry; 2. Suffix with propyl; 4. Captain for Spock and McCoy; 6. “___ been there”; 7. Reinforcements; 23. Big swallow; 24. Days of ___; 26. Colors; 27. Kitten’s plaint; 37. Idiot; 39. 500 sheets; 40. Old trans-Atlantic speedsters; 42. Driver’s caution to reduce speed; 55. Innocent.

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