10.29.09 -- Ar′ō

Air offensive … descending shells explode during an Israeli strike in the Gaza Strip, January, 2009
October 29, 2009
Puzzle by Joe Krozel, edited by Will Shortz
Ar'ō, or close to it, is the pronunciation for the starts of ARROWSMITH (18A. Sinclair Lewis novel), AIR OFFENSIVE (26A. Series of sorties), EERO SAARINEN (46A. Gateway Arch designer) and AEROSOL CAN (57A. Bomb), the interrelated group of this Thursday crossword.
Other entries of length include ACTUARIES (3D. Insurance company employees);
ALASTAIR (37D. Actor Sim who played Ebenezer Scrooge); CORONERS (6D. Ones examining bodies of evidence?); DIET SODA (35D. Tab, for one); GASOLINES (2D. Refinery products); GOING AWAY (31D. Kind of party); HOME TEAM (10D. They’re out standing in their field); LOVE SCENE (32D. What’s barely done in movies?); DATES BACK (54A. Has been around since, with “to”); SOUP SPOON (20A. Setting piece).
Sixes and sevens -- ASSIST (39A. Set on the court);
BEAGLE (30A. Tricolor pooch); CASTLED (49A. Made a switch in a game); GRATE ON (24A. Rankle); INBORN (48D. Natural); LAGOON (23A. Venetian feature); ODD LOT (47D. It doesn’t end in 00); SLINGS (52A. Carriers of arms); SNAP OFF (5D. Suddenly break, as a twig); STOP-GO (4D. Like some traffic); TALENTS (43D. Biblical money units); WRONGS (8D. Betrays, say).
Five -- ALEUT (Unalaska native, e.g.); A MITE (11D. Somewhat); CEASE (49D. Quit); ELISE (53A. Beethoven dedicatee); 13D. ETHAN Allen furniture; NOT IT (61A. Tag words);
NORAS (27D. Charles and others); NOTRE (15A. First word of the Lord’s Prayer in French); SCOWS (5A. Punts, e.g.); SELES (40D. 1991 and 1992 U.S. Open champ); SIREN (51D. It may precede a storm); STAVE (19D. Hold off); STIRS (64A. Big ados); TETRA (22A. Exotic fish); VITRO (12D. Not natural, in a way, after “in”).
Short stuff -- ACTI, AFRO, AGAS, ALTA, APES, ARIS,
AURA (26D. Goddess of breezes), EDEN, ESTO, ETNA, HAVE, IVE, KNIT, MOOD, NYET, OMIT, ONS, OTRO, OWEN, PACT, RANI (62A. “Doctor Who“ villainess, with “the“), REED, RIB, SEW, SOFA, SRA, SUED, TRE, UNI.
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Remaining clues -- Across: 1. They’re akin to khans; 10. Maintain; 14. Joining of opposite sides; 16. Drop; 17. ___ perpetual (let it be everlasting); 28. Half of bi-; 29. Big do; 34. Wind element; 36. Title not acquired by Miss Spain?: Abbr.; 38. ___ ring; 42. Utah ski resort; 45. Mass ender?; 60. Went after; 62. “Doctor Who” villainess, with “the”; 63. Italian rumbler; 65. Putin input? Down: 1. Galoots; 7. Juan’s other; 9. Finish (up); 21. Coin “swallower”; 25. Trunk part; 33. First couple’s home; 41. III in modern Rome; 44. Fleischer and others; 55. Play start; 56. Work on a muffler, say; 58. Walk-___.

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