World Food Day, Puzzle by Fred Piscop, edited by Will Shortz
If you subscribe to The New York Times on-line Premium Crosswords, you are probably familiar with the monthly puzzle. For the month of October, the title of the crossword is World Food Day and features "Food" in approximately 30 clues.
Across: 1. Food scraps, in crosswordese; 5. Chinese food additive; 8. Marathoner’s food; 14. Word in lo-cal food brands; 15. Food thickener; 17. Kosher food-serving airline; 19. Food giant based in Springdale, Ark.; 21. Snack food item since 1912; 26. It breaks down food in the stomach; 29. Angel food CAKE; 35. Big name in pet foods; 40. Horse’s food holder; 42. Miracle-GRO (plant food brand); 54. Like many fast-food orders; 57. Local food shop; 60. Like perishable foods; 65. “Fast Food Nation” author Schlosser; 69. Food-cubing gadget; 72. Livestock food.
Down: 4. More food, at dinner; 6. Basic food item; 8. Energy value unit, in food; 23. New England food fish; 27. Health-food store legume; 33. Bottom of the ocean’s food chain; 37. Food that may be straight, twisted or elbow-shaped; 44. Place for vending-machine food; 46. Like much health-food store produce; 48. First name on the Food Network; 56. Food critic Greene; 59. Food preserver, perhaps; 61. Food item that may be hard or soft.
Food, glorious food!
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