10.02.09 -- OOLA, Etc.

October 2, 2009
Puzzle by Brad Wilber, edited by Will Shortz
Oola later…
This Friday crossword features four corners with long entries: Upper left across: 1. Rabble-roused, CAUSED A STIR; 15. Tape deck convenience, AUTO-REVERSE; 17.
Its clock was featured in the 1945 film “The Clock”, PENN STATION. Upper right down: 12. Actress Katharine Ross’s actor-husband, SAM ELLIOTT; 13. “You could look at it this way …”, IN ONE SENSE; 14. Upset, DISTRESSED. Lower right down: 27. Be too hasty, JUMP THE GUN; 28. 1941 Jimmy Dorsey chart-topper, MARIA ELENA; 29. It leads nowhere, BLIND ALLEY. Lower right across: 56. Shuffling goal, RANDOM ORDER; 61. Dress style that appears to lengthen the body, EMPIRE WAIST; 63. Modern retelling of the Faust legend, DAMN YANKEES.
Remaining across -- 20. Overcrowded digs, TENEMENT; 22 Ones maturing quickly, for short TBILLS; 26. Recipient of a record 12.
Best Director nominations, WYLER; 27. Best-selling children’s author who became a baronet, JMBARRIE; 32. Get together, AMASS; 34. Sticks one’s nose in, PRIES; 35. Diagnosis facilitator, MRISCAN; 37. Where people do stretches, PRISONS; 39. Wine option, PINOT; 40. First name in 2000 headlines, ELIAN; 44. Tacit, UNSTATED; 46. Cry made with great effort, HEAVE; 48. Mine shaft drill, TREPAN or THIS; 49. Multiple Emmy winner for “Nick News”, ELLERBEE.
Remaining down -- 4.
“Tempest,” for one, SONATA; 8. Quiets, SETTLES; 9. Is a real burden to, TRIES; 11. People may ask you to do this, RENEW; 21. Shrek’s voicer, MYERS; 23. Petal-like poinsettia part, BRACT; 25. NPR host Hansen, LIANE; 33. Moral fiber, SPINE; 34. Ship to the New World, PINTA; 36. Chardonnay alternative, SOAVE; 41. Seduced, LURED IN; 45. Preventer of northern exposure, ANORAK; 47. Was off base, ERRED; 48. Prime-time time, TENPM.
OOLA (61A. “Return of the Jedi“ dancing girl), ORY, OWN, PLEA, RASP, SID, TADA, TSE, UAL, Rimbaud’s “UNE Saison en Enfer“, UTNE.
Oh, on the topic of OOLA... oolala!
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Remaining clues -- Across: 12. Luckman of Chicago Bears fame; 16. Boyhood nickname in “The Phantom Menace”; 18. Perps’ preferences; 19. “Help!,” e.g.; 30. Further; 31. Delta competitor: Abbr.; 42. Japanese market inits.; 43. Cry of accomplishment; 55. Come together; 60. Rimbaud’s “___ Saison en Enfer”; 62. Thumbs-down. Down: 1. Sadie Hawkins Day creator; 2. “The Valley of Horses” novelist, 1982; 3. Magazine founder Eric; 5. First responders’ destinations, briefly; 6. Comerica Park team, on scoreboards; 7. “Nip/Tuck” character Moore; 10. A couple of words after the race; 24. Bygone radio “friend”; 38. Imitate Don Corleone; 50. Bart Starr’s alma mater, briefly; 52. Tongue-lolling comics character; 53. Majesty lead-in; 54. Entertainment partner?; 57. Kid ___ (old bandleader); 58. “Drop ___ line”; 59. Be undefeated against, in sports lingo.

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