10.24.09 -- Turn, Turn, Turn and Tina Turner!

Tina Turner performing live in 2008
October 24, 2009
Puzzle by Paul Gamache, edited by Will Shortz
This Saturday crossword is fairly straightforward with general clues and answers, turning up more than a few personages:
Across: 1. High-definition storage medium, BLURAY DISC; 11. With 28-Across, like some traffic, STOP AND GO; 15.
Singer born Anna Mae Bullock, TINA TURNER; 16. Ranchero’s hand, MANO; 17. “Baby Hold On” hitmaker, 1978, EDDIE MONEY; 18. Item of the past, EXES; 19. Situation before many a game is won, ADIN; 20. Cookie flavoring, ANISE; 21. Word before thou, WILT; 22. Cabinet chief between Smith and Thornburgh, MEESE; 24. ENTRE-Deux-Mers (Bordeaux wine appellation); 26. Glass top, RIM; 27. It spawned the Weather Underground Org., SDS; 30. Singer Aguilera, self-referentially, XTINA; 32. Alternatives to iPhones, TREOS; 33. “The Practice” and “Boston Legal” Emmy winner, SPADER; 34. French Revolution radical, JACOBIN; 37. Wild, BERSERK; 38. Gadget for a grease monkey, OIL GUN; 39. Big dos, FETES; 40. Like some shoulders, BROAD; 41. Triumphant cries, TADAS; 42. It may thicken the plot, SOD; 45. Some Amazon.com orders, CDS; 46. Calvin Klein offering, SCENT; 48. Her alter ego is Princess Adora, SHE-RA; 50. Contents of some deposits, ORES; 52. Foundation strengthener, REBAR; 54. “Life of Pi” author YANN Martel; 55. Real joker, RIOT; 56. Dupe’s exclamation, I’VE BEEN HAD; 58. Fear, to François, PEUR; 59. Time to pull a product, SELL-BY DATE; 60. Out-of-commission cruisers, SSTS; 61. “Turn! Turn! Turn!” songwriter PETE SEEGER.
Down: 1. Sub squads, B-TEAMS; 2. Like 57-Downs, LIDDED; 3. Brief briefs?, UNDIES; 4. Farmers’ needs, RAINS; 5. Got fed up?, ATE; 6. Where César Chávez was born, YUMA; 7. Talked and talked and talked, DRONED ON; 8. They have tops and bottoms, INNINGS; 9. Minds, SEES TO; 10. Old yeller?, CRYER; 11. Old World duck, SMEW; 12 It begins where a person hails from, TAXI RIDE; 13. Routine delivery, ONE-LINER; 14. Prepare for delivery, POSTMARK; 23. iPod attachments, EARBUDS; 25. Station skipper, EXPRESS; 29. Prussian prohibition, NEIN; 31. Soviet agency created from Rosta, TASS; 32. Cover of the Colosseum?, TOGA; 33. SET A goal; 34. Creation of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, JOB CORPS; 35. Hangs up after agitating?, AIR-DRIES; 36. Bargain hunter’s bonanza, CLOSE-OUT; 37. Stand where you lie BED TABLE; 39. Alternator driver, FAN BELT; 41. Nonhuman baby sitter?, TEEVEE; 42. Ugly Dungeons & Dragons figure, SEA HAG; 43. Busy, ORNATE; 44. Irish, DANDER; 47. Like new ones, CRISP; 49. Chrissie of the Pretenders, HYNDE; 51. Navigation rtes, STRS; 53. Lee side, REBS; 57. It has a ball, EYE.
One good turn deserves another --
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