10.07.09 -- In the Rough

Night baseball game, Yankee Stadium, Bronx, New York. 1955. (via
silverstein photography)
October 7, 2009
Puzzle by Tim Wescott, edited by Will Shortz
The letters F I R S T, S E C O N D, T H I R D and H O M E in circles,
BASEBALL DIAMOND (57A. Setting for a 20-Across … as represented by this puzzle’s circled letters), MOUND (42A. Center of a 57-Across) and WORLD SERIES GAME (20A. See 57-Across) are the interrelated group of this Wednesday, beginning-of-the-baseball-playoffs crossword puzzle.
Other --
BEDLAM (4D. Pandemonium); LETS GO (33A. Releases); NO MA’AM (51D. Polite denial); SEE BELOW (41D. Referral for further information); SPYGLASS (10D. Hand-held telescope); TEMPER (45A. When repeated, statement after an explosion).
Five-letter -- 54A.
Finnish architect Alvar AALTO; 55. Stop on A DIME; ALMAS (54D. Actress Kruger and others); AUTRY (23A. Gene of westerns); DATUM (28A. Meter reading, e.g.); EMMAS (5A. Austen and Flaubert heroines); 5D. ERNST & Young (accounting firm); GOT ME (25A. “I’m stumped”); GRITS (25D. Down-home breakfast serving); HOMIE (65A. Friend in the hood: Var.); INFRA (50A. Prefix with red); 53D. Artist Frida KAHLO; 56. “Thou LIEST, most ignorant monster”: Shak.; LOAMS (68A. Farm soils); 31. MARLA Maples Trump); MARRY (7D. Wed); MOOER (6D. Hungry cow, maybe); 18A. “El NORTE” (1983 film); OHARE (26D. Bear’s landing place?); ONSET (71A. Dawn); ROACH (15A. Raid target); SEDER (48A. Annual feast); SHEEP (9D. Pen filler); TONED (27D. Added muscle, with “up”); 29D. On TOP OF things); U S AIR (30D. Old carrier name).
LOON (60D. “Laughing“ bird), MEEK, NUKE, ODE, OIL, OGRE, PAL, PRAY, RHO, RITA (45D. “Lovely“ Beatles girl), ROB, SACK, SAD, SHAW, SIZE, SOSA, SPAR, SUM, SWAB, TOE, TREE, WACO, YELL.
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Remaining clues -- Across: 1. Sailor; 10. Blitzing linebacker’s feat; 14. Own; 16 Ask; 17. Served as well as possible; 19. “Gimme a C! …,” e.g.; 24. One likely to lend a needed hand; 32. Letter in Socrates’ name; 39. Dominican-born player in the 600 club; 40. Writers Fleming and McEwan; 43. Box gently; 44. Bird’s home; 47. Wildcatter’s find; 52. ___ choy (Chinese green); 64. Botanical angle; 66. Flu feature; 64. Botanical angle; 69. Temple cases; 70. De novo; 72. Overly docile. Down: 1. Henry Higgins’s creator; 2. Home of the Dr. Peppe Museum; 3. Say with conviction; 8. Dramatic start; 11. Geographical ifo; 12. Storm’s predecessor; 13. Richard Petty’s racing son; 21. Contest at 20 paces; 22. Blue; 34. One with defib training; 35. Chipped part of a statue maybe; 36. Bottom line; 37. Economic fig.; 38. Shelley’s “___ to Naples”; 49. Laura’s 1960s sitcom hubby; 57. Cake with a kick; 58. Dendrite’s counterpart; 59. 9 ½ narrow, e.g.; 60. “Laughing” bird; 61. Monster; 62. Certain W.M.D.; 63. PC site.

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