10.30.09 -- La Porte Étroite

La Porte Étroite
Friday, October 30, 2009
Puzzle by David Levinson Wilk, edited by Will Shortz
Twelve 15-letter entries are the main feature of this end-of-the-long-week crossword:

ONE MOMENT IN TIME (17A. Whitney Houston hit recorded for the 1988 Summer Olympics); DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO (24A. 1974 Rolling Stones hit); THE SAHARA DESERT (31A. Home for an addax and dorcas gazelle); DUPLEX APARTMENT (41A. Maisonette); STRAIT IS THE GATE (48A. André Gide novel whose title comes from Matthew 7:14), La Porte Étroite; SWIMSUIT EDITION (58A. Big newsstand seller for some magazines); AREA OF EXPERTISE (3D. Bailiwick); CHOCOLATE KISSES (5D. Sweet little things with points on them); FIELD CAPACITIES (6D. Soil water saturation limits); NATIONAL ANTHEM (8D. Country music); GONE OVER THE LINE (9D. Taken things a bit too far); THIRD GENERATION (11D. Like grandchildren).
Third generation photo, c. 1947
Five-letter -- ANSAE (62A. Looped handles); ARE SO (13D. Childish comeback); DYERS (65A. Some lock changers); EINES (53D. German indefinite article) and ERNES (67A. Kite relatives); FRANC (1A. It no longer circulates around the Seine); FT ORD (1D. Mil. Base until 1994); GOTTA (9A. Must, informally); OTHER (16A. One may be significant); NOONE (64A. “I’m Henry VIII, I am” singer); RONDO (D. Concerto component); SO SAD (48D. “A pity”); TAWNY (49D. Like a lion’s coat); TEMPO (12D. A musician might pick it up); TO ONE (52D. Odds’ end?); TORAH (14A. Rite reading for some 13-year olds).
Short stuff (all are of three letters each) -- CAL and CAN and CEN, DER, DIS, EDM, EEK, FIL and FIN, HAD and HAL, HER and HEX, HOU, INA and IND and INE and INN, LEA and LER, MAO and MAR, MEG, NAM, OAT and OTT, OER, OIS, OOX, PAS, RDA, RON, RPS, SAT, SSS, TAU, TDS, TEP, TNT, TOD and TOI and TOR, VIG (30A. Bookie’s charge, for short).
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Remaining clues: Across: 6. Skate part; 15. ___ state; 20. Fat standard, say: Abbr.; 21. One of Steinbeck’s twins; 22. Salt additive?; 23. Turning meas.; 28. Thread: Fr.; 29. Long time: Abbr.; 37. Tic-tac-toe loser; 38. Im-ho-___, Boris Karloff’s role in “The Mummy”; 39. Celtic sea god; 40. Vote in une legislature; 45. Cartoonish cry; 46. Behind; 47. “___ Town Too” (1981 hit); 54. Kind of flakes; 55. Went nowhere; 56. Anthropomorphic film villain; 57. Parisian pronoun; 63. Teacher’s deg.; 66. Deflation indication. Down: 4. Site of many ‘60s tours; 7. Travel guide listing; 10. Diamond figure on a 2006 postage stamp; 18. He said “Learn from the masses, and then teach them”; 19. Like some candidates: Abbr.; 25. Slam; 26. Canto contraction; 27. French suffix with Quebec; 31. Death in Deutschland; 32. The Astros, on scoreboards; 33. Spell; 34. Austrian article; 35. “Bull Durham” director Shelton; 36. Charge stuff; 42. Green land; 43. Hearing aids, briefly; 44. Stewie’s sister on “Family Guy”; 50. Cross character; 51. Ate; 59. Nick, say; 60. Bears make them, in brief; 61. The Blue Jays, on scoreboards.

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