10.09.09 -- KABOOM!

Friday, October 9, 2009
Puzzle by David Quarfoot, edited by Will Shortz
Hail, Hail! The gang’s all here!
Plenty of people in the puzzle! Across -- 1. Composer of a famous ring cycle,
J R R TOLKIEN; 15. Musician with the 1939 hit “Jumpin’ at the Woodside” COUNT BASIE, 16. The way you used to be?, THEE; 18. Chamber workers: Abbr., SENS; 20. Yankee acquisition of ‘04, AROD; 21. Wise guys, SWAMIS; 27. “Don Carlos” princess, EBOLI; 30. All-time strikeout leader’s nickname, MR OCTOBER; 46. Letter greeting never read by its intended recipient, DEAR SANTA; 61. Musician called America’s Tuning Fork, PETE SEEGER; 64. Mountain West Conference team, UTES; 65. One whose oils may be graded, ART STUDENT; 66. Miss, LASS; 67. Result of a hurricane warning, maybe, MASS EXODUS.
More?! People down -- 1. ‘N Sync member,
J C CHASEZ; 2. Joint letter?, ROOMMATE; 8. 1968 Vanessa Redgrave title role, ISADORA; 10. “Homer and NED’S Hail Mary Pass” (The Simpsons” episode); 11. Words on some blue balloons, IT’S A BOY; 12. Hit makers?, THE MOB; 14. Reply to a higher-up, YES SIR; 31. Cooler filler, CONS; 33. Self-titled album of 1969, ELLA; 39. Like most college freshmen, TEENAGED; 41. Associates, CONSORTS; 42. “Oh Say Can You Say?” author, DR SEUSS.
What else? Other stuff across -- 11. Minute, informally, ITSY; 19. Letters at sea, HMS; 23. Band switch, AM FM; 25. Burning evidence, SOOT; 28. They’re usually worn over petticoats, SARIS; 32. Going on and on, once, ETERNE; 34. Awful struggle, AGONY; 35. Series end, ZEE; 38. Shakespeare follower, ANA; 39. Sherlock, TEC; 42. Bad mark, D PLUS; 44.
Maker of the LZR Racer suit, SPEEDO; 50. Container that holds about a pint, STEIN; 51. Get along, EXIST; 52. Big name in kitchenware, EKCO; 54. Unwelcome visitors to one’s home, ANTS; 55. Scenic walks, PASEOS; 57. Put away, ICED; 59. “Te AMO Corazon,” 2006 Prince song; 60. Org. opposed to capital punishment, ACLU.
Other down -- 3. Is not restrained, RUNS FREE; 4. Producer of a 7-Down, TNT; 5. Not esta or esa, OTRA; 6. Angle irons, L BARS; 7.
Big blast, KABOOM; 9. Article abroad, EIN; 13. Having some memory problems, SENILE; 22. Messy meal handouts, WET NAPS; 24. It fell in 2001, MIR; 26. College party wear, TOGA; 29. Suddenly focuses, SNAPS TO; 37. Strain, TUNE; 40. Text is often copied from it, EDIT MENU; 43. Island with the capital city Basseterre, ST KITTS; 45. Touchdown info, ETA; 46. Blue Demons’ home, DEPAUL; 47. Track wager, EXACTA; 48. A 747 has two of these, AISLES; 49. Availability, ACCESS; 53. 90 degrees from sur, OESTE; 56. Unwelcome letters, SPAM; 58. French pair, DEUX; 62. Period piece?, ERA; 63. EDO-Tokyo Museum.
That’s all folks!
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