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William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Puzzle by Will Nediger, edited by Will Shortz

A playful and, well… puzzling puzzle mischieviously materializes upon this Saturday, with such fare as WALTZING (1A. Couples’ activity once considered scandalous), I DARE NOT (15A. Chicken’s comment), NO NO NO NO (17A. “You’re doing it all wrong!”), FOOZLE (18A. Green goof) somewhere defined as the act of bungling, especially a poor stroke in golf, WOODSHED (60A. Place of discreet punishment) and SHATNERESQUE (23A. Like overdramatic spoken-word versions of pop songs) — the latter defined little where else but in the above-referenced Urban Dictionary as “A dramatization using over-acting characterized by extra pauses in a sentence. “It’s still alive… out there… somewhere, beyond our galaxy!”

More? AL ZARQAWI (12D. Subject of the 2008 book “How to Break a Terrorist”), ANGEL PIE (58A. Lemony dessert), CLOSE-SET (11D. Like baboons’ eyes), CURLIEST (56A. Maximally kinky), SAINT ELMO (30D. Fire man?), SOYA BEAN (34D. Lecithin source) and TONYA HARDING (43A. Athlete stripped of a 1994 national title) round out the eight-or-more-letter group.

Seven-letter — JAI ALAI (53A. Activity requiring three walls), OPALINE (19A. Like a moonstone), ROOSTER (10D. Farm stirrer), SAVANNA (39D. Zebra zone), SNAILED (41D. Moved along slowly), THE BARD (51A. Many of his subjects were kings), TOO HARD (25D. How someone may try), UNICORN (22D. Part of Scotland’s coat of arms), VASSALS (20A. Fealty swearers), V-NECKED (20D. Like some shirts), ZENITH (5D. Climbers’ goals).

The rest — ADIOS (38A. “I’m gone”), ADOPT, ADS, AFFAIR, ALEPH (48D. Letter resembling an ox‘s head), AMAT, ARABS, ARCADE, ARGO (54D. Talos hurled huge stones at it), ARM, ARMANI, BASIE, CAW, DODO, DOLL, ESSO, EWES, FOLLOW, GRAILS (45D Earnestly pursued ones), GTO, HELENE and HEREIN, HERO and HOERS, ILO, INON, JUNO, LANAI, MOAS, MOCKS, NONE and NOONAN, REARS, SITED, SRI, STILT, STOIC, UNITER, TAVERN, THAN, TROLLS, TWAS, URAL, WINOS (1D. Red lovers, perhaps).

Babies have big heads and big eyes, and tiny little bodies with tiny little arms and legs. So did the aliens at Roswell! I rest my case. ~ William Shatner


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Puzzle available on the internet at THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — 9. Tilting setting; 16. Track; 21. Circus tent raiser?; 22.Binding agent; 28. Campaign creations; 31. Not moved much; 32. Not plopped down; 33. Old New Zealand natives; 35. Sends up37. “___ Love - not me”: Dickin40. Farmhands, at times; 42. 1969 Peace Prize grp.; 43. Something to get a round in; 47. Side in a 1948 war; 55. “84 Charing Cross Road” author Hanff; 56. Maximally kinky; 57. Fendi rival; 59. Conservative commentator Peggy. DOWN: 2. Assume; 3. The Pineapple Island; 4. Chat room annoyances; 6. Not excluded from; 7. Squat; 8. It’s “teachin’ up” in a 1964 song; 9. Cause of many a split; 13. Toots; 14. Milk sources; 26. Territory in Risk; 27. Shell alternative; 28. Pat of a Latin succession; 9. Pat of Mauritius’s caoat of arms; 34. Lecithin sources; 36. Guru’s title; 39. Zebra zone; 49. “King Joe” composer), 51. Part of a comparison; 52. Heart recipient5, perhaps; 53. 2007 Best Picture nominee with a mythological name; 56. Avian call.

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