10.02.10 — Scream!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Puzzle by Barry C. Silk, edited by Will Shortz

A quartet of long entries are featured in this solid Saturday crossword — BLAST FURNACE (19D. Coke product maker), GOOGLE SEARCH (21A. Producer of hits), NO SUCH AGENCY (9D. Organization nickname that plays off the group’s secrecy) and PRIMAL SCREAM (44A Supposed aid in curing neurosis).

Colorfully clued are ADULTS ONLY as “Blue, say” and CALIFORNIA as “Orange’s place“, leading off the ten-letter entries — GET A READ ON (26D. Sense), HAIL CAESAR (55A. Senate cry), MAID MARIAN (27D. Legendary outlaw’s companion), SEAN O’CASEY (2D. Irish playwright who wrote “Cock-a-Doodle Dandy”, TEN DOLLARS (3D. Value of a U.S. coronet head coin, minted from 1838 to 1907), THREADBARE (51A. Worn).

Other — CAPYBARA (50A. Rodent that may weight over 100 pounds), DER / SPIEGEL (37A. With 4-Down, German equivalent of Time), GARBAGE (40D. What’s at your disposal?), INDEBTED (18A. Not settled up), LEMON TART (5A. Tangy treat), OMELETTES (57A. Fare often folded in half), TRADING (34A. Activity for folks in the pits?).

Five-letter — Make A CASE for, “Hast thou AN ARM like God?”: Job 40:9, ARRID (22D. “Get a little closer“ brand), ASPER, BALLS, CATER, CLEAR, EGADS, ELUDE, FOXED, LADES, LARAS, MARIA (30A. She‘s a problem that needs to be solved, in song), MATTE, MAXIM, PRELL, SPRIG, TROTH (10D. Loyalty).

Short stuff — ADE (31D. Commercial ending with Power), ADIT, ANNI, BET, BUDS, DAT, EAU, ENNE, GMT, GOAT, MIL, OFT, PEEP, RAH, RAIN and RANI and RONI (35D. Commercial ending with Pasta), RILL, SSTS, SYS, TAY, THO, TUMS (28D. Product of some relief pitches?), UNI, USA, UTIL, WARN and WHAM (47D. Big blow)!


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Onetime J.F.K. visitors; 14. Furtive look; 16. Eastern dignitary; 20. Monthly expense: Abbr.; 24. Like good explanations; 25. Squad booster; 26. Prime meridian hrs.; 29. Lottery mix-up?; 32. Need for des poissons; 33. Its members are represented by stars; 36. Style guru Gunn; 38. Tricked cunningly; 39. Cry of consternation; 41. Part of Awacs: Abbr.; 42. Cellular opening; 48. Show a yellow card, e.g.; 54. Shaft entrance; 56. Chimera, in part; 58. -trix kin. — DOWN: 1. Garnish amount; 5. Takes on cargo; 6. Get around; 7. Cool number?; 8. With regularity, to Whitman; 11. Millennio divisions; 12. Streamlet; 13. It flows from a loch to a firth; 15. Provide courses for; 22. “Get a little closer” brand; 23. Picnic problem; 29. Ones to hang with; 30. Words to live by; 43. In line with; 44. Alberto VO5 rival; 45. Make ___ for; 46. Newswoman Logan and others; 47. Certain finish; 48. Big blow; 49. R&B SINGER India.___; 51. While, for short; 52. Not dis; 53. Play favorites?

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