10.09.10 — Brobdingnagian Revelation

Anita Ekberg in Federico Fellini’s “Boccaccio ‘70”


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Puzzle by Joe Krozel, edited by Will Shortz

Two brobdingnagian sets of four 15-letter across entries with the vaguest of clues (no surprise) are the main group of this hugely entertaining Saturday crossword.

  • CLEARED ONE’S NAME (1. Was proven innocent)
  • HOSTILE TAKEOVER (16. Merger alternative)
  • ANTI PROHIBITION (17. Drive to drink?)
  • RESTS ON ONE’S OARS (18. Stops striving)
  • OCTOBER SURPRISE (49. Bombshell revealed shortly before Election Day)
  • PLAYED FAVORITES (57. Didn’t judge a group fairly)
  • EARLY RETIREMENT (58. An employee may accept a package for one)
  • CROSSED ONE’S PATH (59. Met a body)

Surprise! As a result, the puzzle is rife with short stuff, some of it rather odd, a sort of ghastly glue for the long acrosses — ACEH, AFOUL, ARFED, ARM, AUVIN, AVIA, BHA, CHAR and CLAR, CRORE, CST, DEONS, DRLAO, ELBE, ELROY, ESTH and ESTS, ETRE, GEST, ITEA, ITOR, LAN and LONE, MEOR, NAINA, NOTO, OPEC, OTHO, OYLS, RAKE, REFI, SALS and SAYS, SATO, SENT, STP, TOAT, TARO, TIRE, UFW.

Other across — 22. Become useless, as a 26-Down, GO FLAT; 27. Ukraine/Moklova border river, DNIESTER; 33. It often includes tax, GRAND TOTAL; 37. Where Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase are headquartered, PARK AVENUE; 40. Potential poster boy, TEEN IDOL; 41. Dancing technique, TOE TAP.

Down — 4. Quintessentially, AT IT’S FINEST; 5. Cut along the grain, RIPSAWED; 10. “La Dolce Vita” actress, EKBERG; 11. Earth-shaking beginning?, SEISMO; 21. Lacking the resources, UNABLE; 23. Order at Long John Silver’s, FRIED SHRIMP; 24. “LET NOT your hearts faint”: Deuteronomy 20:3; 38. Firm cheese, for short?, VICE PRES; 42. Where brothers and sisters hang out, ABBEYS; 43. 1677 Racine tragedy, PHEDRE.

The real October surprise? New York Times internet site “Premium Crosswords” announced today: Starting Oct. 11, solutions to puzzles will be available immediately by clicking on “Solution” in the Across Lite menu. A four-digit answer key will no longer be required.

That's huge for the speed solver!

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Puzzle available on the internet at THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games. If you subscribe to home delivery of The New York Times you are eligible to access the daily crossword via The New York Times - Times Reader, without additional charge, as part of your home delivery.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 19. With 12-Down, turns down; 20. Ready for assalt; 21. Agricultural labor grp.; 32. Debtor’s option, briefly; 35. “Do ___ else!; 36. River through Dresden; 39. Pizza joint in “Do the Right Thing”; 44. New Orleans setting: Abbr.; 45. Food preservative, briefly; 47. Banda ___ (2004 tsunami site). DOWN: 1. Not just brown; 2. Like a maverick; 3. Rough figs.; 6. Football Hall-of-Famer Hirsch; 7. Actor Richmond and singer Jackson; 8. Early Roman emperor; 9. Mrs. Boris Yeltsin; 12. See 19-Across; 13. Reebok rival; 14. “Is it just __ …”; 15. Kite relatives; 25. In a tangle; 26. Inflation target; 27. Tony Randall title role; 28. Brake fluid brand; 29. Without flaws; 30. Soyons is a form of it; 31. Symbol of St. Barnabas, whose saint day comes at hay harvesting time; 33. Daring exploit; 34. PC connection; 46. Issued pound notes?; 47. Coq __; 48. 10 million rupees; 49. Grp. That rolls out the barrels?; 50. Woodwind instr.; 51. Hawaiian staple; 52. Olive kin; 53. Japanese Peace Nobelist of 1974; 54. Willow variety; 55. Test message status; 56. Job preceder: Abbr.

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