10.17.10 — SPAS — the Diagramless

The Iguazu Grand Resort Spa and Casino at the Iguazu Falls in Argentina


Sunday, October 17, 2010

DIAGRAMLESS, Puzzle by Paul Gamache, edited by Will Shortz

SPAS (54D. Vacation spots hidden in this puzzle’s six longest answers), CAT’S PAJAMAS, HITS PAY DIRT, JACK SPARROW, SPORTS PAGES, ESTES PARK and ASPARAGUS are the interrelated group of this diagramless crossword.

Jim Horne of The New York Times crossword blog, Wordplay, provides an instructive article on solving a diagramless, HERE.

Remaining Across: 1. Old-fashioned dispute resolution method, DUEL; 5. Croquet posts, IPSE dixit; 10. Burned, in French cusine, BRULE; 12. Land surrounded by agua, ISLA; 19. Depilatory brand, NAIR; 20. Springsteen alias, THE BOSS; 21. Cause of getting fleeced?, SHEARING; 24. AESOP’S Fables; 25. Descriptive of abstract paintings with abrupt transitions of color, HARD EDGE; 26. Makes a short putt, TAPS IN; 27. Land next to agua, TIERRA; 29. Barnyard denizen, HEN; 30. EDA LeShan who wrote “When Your Child Drives You Crazy”; 333. Some scrap pork meat, RIBLETS; 37. Signa, TAU, upsilon; 38. Measure of fineness, KARAT; 39. Aetna rival, CIGNA; 41. Alastair SIM who portrayed Scrooge; 42. Right-leaning foreign policy proponents, NEOCONS; 49. Chest muscle, briefly, PEC; 52. AMU Darya (central Asian river); 53 Like Samsung, KOREAN; 54. Oil-rich seed, SESAME; 57. “As You Like It” heroine, ROSALIND; 59. What a cop may be on, PATROL; 60. Fixes differently, as the hair, restyles, RESTYLES; 61. Provide a voice-over, NARRATE; 62. “30 Days of Night” sheriff EBEN Oleson; 66. Decorated lower part of an interior wall in architecture, DADO; 67. Billionaire, SOROS; 68. Author KURT Vonnegut; 69. Part of a pyramid scheme?, TOMB; 70. Sum’s infinitive, ESSE.

Down: 1. Impose, as conditions, DICTATE; 2. Further in the distance, UP AHEAD; 4. Sappho’s home, LESBOS; 5. Some sandwiches, briefly, PBJS; 6. Noteworthy time, ERA; 7. Wrigley output, GUM; 8. //, SLASHES; 11. F equivalent, E SHARP; 12. Start of a memo heading IN RE; 13. Greeted, with “to”, SAID HI; 14. Not move along, LINGER; 15. Silver, in heraldry, ARGENT; 17. 1969 title role for Alan Arkin, POPI; 18. Part of NRA: Abbr.; 22. All over the map, ERRATIC; 23. Very recently, A DAY AGO; 27. Chickadee relative, TIT; 28. “IT’S all good”; 31. All HET up; 32. Longtime singing partner of Brooks, DUNN; 34 “All I ASK of You” (song from “The Phantom of the Opera”); 35. With energetic speed, BRISKLY; 36. Kerosene, LAMP OIL; 39. Female elephant, COW; 42. Shooter’s org., NRA; 43. Long time, EON; 44. Shook, JARRED; 45. Lab specimen, AMOEBA; 46. Said %@$!, CUSSED; 47. Actor James ARNESS; 48. Jupiter has a “great” one, RED SPOT; 50. Those acting badly, EMOTERS; 51. Fozen pizza brand, CELESTE; 55. Last name in Western law, EARP; 56. Continuous course of planks on a ship, STRAKE; 58. “… AT NO extra cost!”; 61. Air crash investigator: Abbr., NTSB; 64. Acapulco gold, ORO; 65. CD-ROM.


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Puzzle available on the internet at THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games (solutions to puzzles are available immediately by clicking on “Solution” in the Across Lite menu).

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