10.31.10 — Secrets — the Cryptic Crossword


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cryptic Crossword by Richard Silvestri, edited by Will Shortz

This excessively cryptic crossword is appropriately published on Halloween, a time when many secrets are boldly worn upon the face of the owner. For the torment and turmoil of fellow solvers, read Wordplay, The Crossword Blog of The New York Times.

Across — 1. Facing beast from the East (6), LAMINA; 4. Hippie confused ring with halo (8), LONG-HAIR; 10. Cracked earthwork got older (7) DAMAGED; 11. Loudly closing top (7), CEILING; 12. Specs for one embracing the old girls (10), EYEGLASSES; 15. Obligation to take ship heading west for fur (7), MUSKRAT; 17. Work surrounding English/North American clipping (7), TOE NAIL; 19. Saw straight? (7), NOTICED; 21. Endlessly seeking something for pain (7) ASPIRIN; 23. Over 8/13 of the alphabet (4), ATOP; 24. What a surprise! Grave contains origin of terrible secret (10), MYSTERIOUS; 27. Outstanding sandwich and fruit (7), SUBLIME; 28. Get rid of new concoction of oil and pastry (7), CANNOLI; 29. Tear apart certain prize (8), TREASURE; 30. One who rents the French spot (6), LESSEE.

Down — 1. Dotty, Sam, Daniel, Romeo (6, 3), LADIES MAN; 2. Recalls all but the first two people in the club (7), MEMBERS; 3. British actor feigned being cruel (5, 5), NIGEL BRUCE; 5. Gold box right above a section of the theater (9), ORCHESTRA; 6. Get ace in card game (4), GAIN; 7. State song describes unfinished area (7), ARIZONA; 8. Hoisted beer fit for a king (4), REGAL; 9. Time of the month that is timeless (4), IDES; 14. Nation’s cause: painting North Carolina house at last (10), TEMPERANCE; 16. Cross current to carry stuffed toy (5, 4), TEDDY BEAR; 18. Liberal adds ine in new presentation for a big victory (9), LANDSLIDE; 20. Bother beginning to transfer Russian money (7), TROUBLE; 22. Brazilian city, to American, is wild (7), RIOTOUS; 23. Valuable hound loses head (5), ASSET; 25. The way to eat cold Mexican food (4), TACO; 26. Rabbi assuredly conceals partisan point of view (4), BIAS.

We dance round in a ring and suppose,
but the secret sits in the middle and knows.
~ Robert Frost


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