10.29.10 — Pallid, Chill and Drear!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Puzzle by Barry Boone, edited by Will Shortz

November is nigh! This last weekday puzzle of October begins the chill.  After the short stuff, e.g., ACRO, AMO, ANT and APT, BLT, “Sk8ter BOI, CCUP, DELE, EDO and EGO, ELBA, ENT, IDA, ILS, ION, OCA, ORLE, PLS, TBAR and ZEN, there’s really not a lot going for this dreary crossword — the remains:

Across — 1. Fixes, as some fairways, RESODS; 7. Charm the pants off, BEDAZZLE; 15. Missile that sank a British destroyer in the Falklands War, EXOCET; 16. Words before many a foolish act, I DARE YOU; 17. “I’m not listening …”, LA LA LA; 18. April shower?, CALENDAR; 20. Causes of breakdowns, ENZYMES; 25. Far from a sure thing, DICEY; 27. Ancient empire builders, INCAS; 30. Bit of wishful thinking, I HOPE; 31. Company at the forefront of the dot-com boom, NETSCAPE; 34. Like brutal tactics, GESTAPO; 35. Not so tenuous, SOLIDER; 40. Make purr, as an engine, FINE TUNE; 41. Poisonous mushroom producer, briefly?, H-TEST; 45. Star in the Swan constellation, DENEB; 47. It’s worn while driving, TREAD; 51. Locale for an Olivier Award winner, THEATRE; 54. 1980 Maxwell Smart film, with “The” NUDE BOMB; 56. Extract, ELICIT; 58. Clearing, OPEN AREA; 59. Really lit, ABLAZE; 60. “Hang in there!”, BE STRONG; 61. Copied a capo, RASPED.

Down — 1. In a hammock, say; 2. Many a patient, EXAMINEE; 3. Ones with the motto “One for the road”?, SOLO ACTS; 6 and 7. Common sight outside a school building, BICYCLE STAND; 8. Mingo player of 1960s TV, ED AMES; 9. Sawyer’s successor in Chicago, DALEY; 12. Style associated with washboards, ZYDECO; 13. Stuff, LOAD UP; 14. It covers 2% of the earth’s surface, EUROPE; 21. Lighter option, ZIPPO; 24. The court’s Bucharest Buffoon, NASTASE; 26. Latte alternative, CHAI TEA; 28. Opposite of ample, SCANT; 30. Wasn’t employed, IDLED; 35. Join, as a table, SIT IN; 36. Quaint humiliator, DUNCE CAP; 37. Pep up, ENERGIZE; 38. Responded to a crash, maybe, REBOOTED; 40. No posh hotel, FLEABAG; 41. Hang (with), HOBNOB; 42. 51-Across (THEATRE) unit, TROUPE; 43. Uses shortening on?, ELIDES; 44. State surrounded by Lower Saxony, BREMEN; 47. Complete, informally, THORO; 48. “How pallid, chill and DREAR!”: Keats.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — 19. I love the classic way?; 22. Old Asian capital; 23. Capital of Shaanxi province; 26. Lingerie shop specification; 29. Abbr. of politeness; 33. Home of Lewis-Clark State Coll.; 39. One with a small nest egg?; 44. Club cousin; 46. Shield border; 49. Top: Prefix; 50. “Sk8er ___” (2002 top 10 hit). DOWN: 4. Andean tuber; 10. Longtime enemy of Wonder Woman; 11. Discipline symbolized by a painted circle; 32. Quick to get things; 33. Plasma bit; 51. Alternative to a carpet lift; 52. Part of the Tuscan Archipelago; 55. Apnea diagnoser, briefly; 57. They, in Calais.

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