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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Puzzle by Jim Hilger, edited by Will Shortz

BETWEEN THE LINES, along with STAY, READ, MASON-DIXON and PRODUCTION are the interrelated group of this straight-forward Thursday crossword.

Other — ABOARD, ANOTHER (27D. Round request), DEVOTE, DISIPATE (3D. Go away), END-ALL, FREE THROW (52A. Unblockable shot), G-FORCE (47A. Pressing concern for an astronaut?), INTERDICT (37D. Head off), LODGER, LODGER, OO LA LA (22D. “Color me impressed!”),  PATINA, SCOTTS, SLEEVE, THAT IS, WHITE STAR (24A. Owner of the Titanic).

Five-letter — ABACK, ACT UP, ALFAS (5A. Some Spiders, informally), ANDYS, ASKEW, BEHAN, DROVE, DWELT, HOTEL, ERUPT, E-ZINE, MOSHE, NEAT-O, NIOBE (15A. Petrified weeper of myth), OAKEN, RESET, WOED, WOMBS.

Short stuff — ADO, ALTI, APEX, BASH, CHA, DR NO, DUE, EDEN, EEC, EIN, EDEN, EPA, EPIC, ESO, FEDS, FEM, FOX, “HERE goes!”, HEXA, ICEE, JAMB and JOB, LII, MTA, NAE and NEW, OBO, OEO, OOPS (30A. Worrying comment from a surgeon), OTS, OWIE, REED, SEND, SPAR, STAY and STOW, TENN, VENI, WELL.


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Puzzle available on the internet at THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games (solutions to puzzles are available immediately by clicking on “Solution” in the Across Lite menu).
Remaining clues ACROSS: 1. Gangbusters; 10. Part of a frame; 14. Sweeping; 16. Member of a pit crew?; 17. Border names; 19. Big do; 20. With 40-Across, coloring advice … and literally so; 21. Stink; 23. Half a dance; 28. Old ___ bucket (Big Ten conference football prize); 31. Ultimate goal; 33. 1959 hit with the lyric “Did he ever return? No, he never returned”; 34. Fictional villain whoe given name is Julius; 36. Antique asset, often; 40. See 20- and 58-Across; 43. It might be rolled up on a farm; 44. Prefix with meter; 45. “And we’ll ___ a cup o’ kindness yet”: Burns; 46. Paying guest; 48. Head of Haiti; 49. Live in the past?; 55. The New Yorker cartoonist Chat; 56. “___ Es el Amor” (classic Spanish-language hit); 58. With 40-Across, infer something and literally so); 59. Skinned knee, say, to a tot; 61. Factory output; 66. Start of an old boast; 67. Malfunction; 68. Frozen drink brand; 69. Elysium; 70. Appliance button; 71. Warehouse. — DOWN: 1. Gender abbr.; 2. Abbr. in many car ads; 4. Big name in lawn care; 5. Some male dolls; 6. 2018 Super Bowl number; 7. Sexy babe; 8. On; 9. Thrill; 10. Butcher, baker or candlestick maker; 11. One way to be taken; 12. ___ Arens, former Israeli defense minister; 13. Irish writer Brendan; 18. Rob Roy’s refusal; 24. Sonogram targets; 256. Tourist locale; 26. Clingmans Dome is its highest point: Abbr.; 29. Prefi with meter; 32. Zenith; 34. Commit; 36. Thatching material; 37. Head off; 38. “Super-duper!”; 39. Crooked; 41. Wisher’s spot; 48. Start of a clarification; 49. Was the designated one?; 50. Amazed; 51. Internet publication; 53. Hit the roof; 54. Gumshoe; 57. Box a bit; 60. A as in Austria; 62. Some game enders, for short; 63. Directly; 64. Antipoverty agcy.; 65. Mint.

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