10.04.10 — FLIP!

Four boys somersault near Rana Devi temple in Kathmandu, Nepal. ©Liam Cochrane


Monday, October 4, 2010

Puzzle by Adam G. Perl, edited by Will Shortz

This clever Monday crossword does a FLIP (22A. Somersault) of SETUP and UPSET (1A. Frame job; 64A. Unexpected win), FIRST LADIES and LADIES FIRST (17A. Michelle Obama and Laura Bush; 56A. Tenet of chivalry), STATE POLICE and POLICE STATE (23A. Highway troopers; 45A. Oppressive regime), HANGOVER and OVERHANG (31A. Drinker’s next-day woe; 39A. Eave), making for a lively start to the solver's week.

Other — DO OR DIE (28D. Like a dire situation), ELDEST (26A. Of greatest age), FLOOR IT (22D. Put the pedal to the metal), LAMEST (43D. Least plausible, as an excuse), LETTER (43A. E-mail predecessor), ONE-SIDED (37D. Completely biased), PRICE TAG (8D. Sticker), SNAP AT (6D. Speak sharply to).

Five-letter — ABETS, ADORE, AUDIT, CADET (63A. West Pointer), ECOLI, ELOPE, ESTEE, LINES, MOOGS, NURSE (15A. Clara Barton, e.g.), ORATE, PETAL, SAPOR, SINEW, SLOOP, TRITE, TONIC (12D. Gin’s partner).

Short stuff — ABA, ATE, COL, DICE, EDIT, ELEV, EPIC, ERIE, ETAS, ETE, ETNA, EVER, FEU, HERO, HIC (40D. Drunk‘s outburst), HOG, IRMA, ISEE, LAC, LES and LETS, LISP, LOIS, LORE, MACE, ONO, ORG, ORTS, OSE, PANS, PET, RAVE, RES and REW, SAFE, SEP, SHO, STE and STET, TAN, TARO, TORN, URSA Major, VANE (32D. It shows which way the wind blows).


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 6. Taste; 11. Somme summer; 14. Love to pieces; 16. Rank above maj.; 19. Singer Yoko; 20. Sicilian spewer; 21. On a grand scale; 29. Poi source; 30. The Beach Boys’ “___ John B”; 35. Submarine sandwich; 36. Early synthesizers; 38. Great review; 41 Tendon; 42. Cubes in a casino; 49. _O__ Canal, waterway through Schenectady; 50. “___ la Douce”; 51. Lane of the Daily Planet; 55. Beachgoer’s shade; 59. Had something; 60. Assists at a heist; 61. Cosmetician Lauder; 62 Plural of “la” and “le”. — DOWN: 1. Opposite of “out” in baseball; 2. Tighten the writin’?; 3. Ripped; 5. Hamster, for one; 7. Bad news for a taxpayer; 9. Sugar suffix; 10. Hi-___ monitor; 11. Food-poisoning bacteria; 13. Run off to a judge in Vegas, say; 18. Allows; 23. Mo. When fall starts; 24. Lousy reviews; 25. U.R.L. ending that’s not “com” or “gov”; 26. Mt. McKinley’s is 20,320 ft. 27. Oral history; 30. HBO rival; 31. Animal in a sty; 33. At any time; 34. FF’s opposite; 36. Spray used on rioters; 41. Jeanne d’Arc, e.g.: Abbr.; 44. Hellenic H’s; 45. Daisy part; 46. Pontificate; 47. Actors speak them; 48. Hackneyed; 51. Daffy Duck has one; 52 Table scraps; 53. “Now you’re making sense”; 54. Proofreader’s “reinstate” mark; 56. Fond du ___, Wis.; 57. Atty.’s org.; 58. Fire: Fr.

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