10.30.10 — The Last Saturday in October Crossword Puzzle

1903 photochrome of a Ojibwa Indian named “Arrowmaker.”


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Puzzle by Barry C. Silk, edited by Will Shortz

I read that this smooth-as-silk crossword has been subjected to cross-examination by speed-solvers, so I’ll keep it simple:

Across — 1. Treaty of Fort McIntosh signer, 1785, CHIPPEWA; 9. Taste test need, PALATE; 15. Can’t do without, REQUIRES; 16. William Herschel discovery of 1787, OBERON; 17. Comment while hemming, I SUPPOSE; 18. Has an impressive address, ORATES; 19. Local listings, STOPS; 20. Coin collector’s classification, EXTRA FINE; 22. De Gaulle’s predecessor, COTY; 23. Part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, ARUBA; 24. Contrivance for taking people for a ride, SCAM; 25. 440 yards, for many runners, ONE LAP; 27. They often want to settle: Abbr., ATTS; 29. Ad conclusion?, LIB; 30. “What’s New, Pussycat?” co-star, 1965, O’TOOLE; 32. Antigen attacker, T-CELL; 34. Least likely to turn tail, BRAVEST; 37. Automobil site, STRASSE; 39. Bethlehem’s region, JUDEA; 40. Pump alternative, T-STRAP; 42. Subway inspection org., TSA; 43. Empathic counselor of sci-fi, TROI; 45. Has a loan from, OWES TO; 54. Monomaniacal, OBSESSIVE; 56. Group 13 member, in chemistry, BORON; 57. Mistreating, MEAN TO; 58. Common salad ingredient, ESCAROLE; 60. Confederate, ALLIED; 61. Eponym of an Australian Open arena, ROD LAVER; 62. Surgeons’ insertions, STENTS; 63. Deliverers of product lines?, SPIELERS.

Down — Big name in oil, CRISCO; 2. El Cid player, HESTON; 3. Lead-in to someone else’s words, after “and”, I QUOTE; 4. What a crush might be, PUPPY LOVE; 5. Marks in a casino, PIPS; 6. Leandro’s partner, ERO; 7. River to the North Sea, WESER; 8. Kind of reproduction, ASEXUAL; 9. Not skilled in, POOR AT; 10. Magician’s opening, ABRA; 11. Browses (through), LEAFS; 12. They’re in rags, ARTICLES; 13. They may be treated in a spa, TOE NAILS; 14. Pieces together?, ENSEMBLE; 21. American Lung Assn. recommendation, TB TEST; 23. Blood drive spec., A POS; 26. Distressed, ATEAT; 218. One stuck in a float, STRAW; 31. Holy Roman emperor, 973-83, OTTO II; 33. Florida city on the Caloosahatchee, CAPE CORAL; 34. Singer with the 1966 hit “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”, B J THOMAS; 35. Area with aging factories, RUST BELT; 36. Water, ADAM’S ALE; 38. Compete in the Breeders Crown, TROT; 41. Some Olympians get them, SILVERS; 44. Covers over, in a way, RESODS; 46. Freed from guilt, SHROVE; 47. Stonemason’s chisel, TOOLER; 48. They have rights, OWNERS; 50. Comintern creator, LENIN; 52. “The Frogs Who Desired a King” author, AESOP; 55. Editorial reconsideration, STET; 56. “Oklahoma!” set piece, BALE; 59. Year the Visigoths invaded Italy, CDI.

Wordplay has an interview of interest, HERE.

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