10.16.10 — Passiflora Edulis, Et Cetera

Saturday, October 16, 2010 — Boss’s Day

Puzzle by Patrick Berry, edited by Will Shortz

It's Saturday and it's the usual mishmash of this and that, oh... and... well, the other thing:

Across — 1. Licks, BEATS UP; 8. Plant production, NECTAR; 14. In a position of prominence, ON THE MAP; 16. Hydrocarbon with two carbons; ETHANE; 17. City founded by Shiva, according to legend, VARANASI; 18. Reasons to presoak, STAINS; 19. Reform, AMEND; 20. One in a crowded delivery room, SEPTUPLET; 22. Soup thickener, ROUX; 23. It may be written in code, VIRUS; 24. Overdo the tanning, FRY; 25. Information on wine bottles: Abbr., YRS; 26. Insufferable guests, BOORS; 27. Mobile home dweller, SNAIL; 29. Fish catchers, SEINES; 30. Puerto Rican seaport, PONCE; 31. Expressions of affection made with the eyes, BUTTERFLY KISSES; 35. First name of a 1978 Peace Nobelist, ANWAR; 36. Renew old connections?, REWIRE; 37. Shows anger publicly, say, RIOTS; 38. Throw in together, UNITE; 39. Kahn of Broadway, GUS; 42. 1940s musical innovation, BOP; 43. Drill item, RIFLE; 44. Unhappy influence, BANE; 45. Not fully reliable, as evidence, ANECDOTAL; 48. Viola da GAMBA (old stringed instrument), crossing GAMBIA; 49. Mideast dough, DINARS; 50. William Cullen Bryant poem that begins “Yet one smile more, departing, distant sun!”, NOVEMBER; 52. Like many songbirds, OSCINE; 53. It’s more than just a game, TWIN BILL; 54. Monologue writers?, STENOS; 55. Fill up, SATIATE.

Down — 1. Literary adulteress’s surname, BOVARY; 2. Bewitch, ENAMOR; 3. Father of Agamemnon, ATREUS; 4. “I appreciate it,” in text messages, THANX; 5. Transport, SEND; 6. Meryl’s “Prime” co-star, UMA; 7. It’s also known as a maypop, PASSION FRUIT; 8. Forest homes, NESTS; 9. Shakespeare rebuke, ET TU; 10. Get rough, CHAP; 11. Crayfish features, TAIL FANS; 12. Creator of the Mayfair Witches, ANNE RICE; 13. Makes over, RESTYLES; 15. Architect interred in Arlington National Cemetery, PIERRE L’ENFANT; 21. Russian Orthodox substitutes for palm branches on Palm Sunday, PUSSY WILLOWS; 23. VOIR dire; 26. Case load?, BEERS; 27. Staple of gothic architecture, SPIRE; 28. Slim win margin, NOSE; 29. “At once!”, STAT; 31. Island nation with a trident on its flag, BARBADOS; 32. Supporter of the North, UNIONIST; 33. British coin introduced in 1971, TWO PENCE; 34. One of many lost by Charlie Brown, KITE; 39. Smallest republic on the African mainland, GAMBIA, crossing GAMBA; 40. Begin disrobing, possibly, UNBELT; 41. English illustrator who created the “St. Trinian’s” cartoon series, SEARLE; 43. Anniversary order, ROSES; 44. BAMBI Meets Godzilla” (classic 1969 cartoon); 46. First son, CAIN; 47. 1962 title film character played by Joseph Wiseman, DR NO; 48. Mannerly man, GENT; 51. Through, VIA.


What’d they say?

'The strategy on Saturday is to look for a few answers you know and have patience on the rest.' ~ Jim Horne, Wordplay, The Crossword Blog of the New York Times.

'You know what’s wrong with this puzzle? Me, neither.' ~ Amy Reynaldo, Diary of a Crossword Fiend.

'Overall, an exemplary Saturday puzzle. Harrowing at times, but ultimately doable, and full of wide variety of interesting words and names. Good stuff.' ~ Rex Parker Does the NYT Crossword.


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Puzzle available on the internet at THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games (solutions to puzzles are available immediately by clicking on “Solution” in the Across Lite menu).

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