10.15.10 — Light My Fire


Friday, October 15, 2010

Puzzle by Peter Wentz, edited by Will Shortz

Lighting up this dark and frightful Friday holoalphabetic crossword are a blaze of maybe-you’d-say-but-I’d-say (or not) answer/clues combining the caustic and colloquial.

“No problem!” co-clues YOU GOT IT and OKEY DOKE, two among a denizen of interjections, attitudes and antics including BY JOVE (1D. “I swear!”), BOOZES IT UP (2D. With 6-Down, gets bombed), FRENZIES (14D. Fans may be worked into them), IF I DID IT (12D. Controversial O.J. Simpson book), LAID BACK (41A. Unlike a type A), RUMOR (29A. Something picked up at a water cooler), SNOOKERS (67A. Flimflams), STUCK UP (8D. High-hat), TOO FAR (16A. Bad way to carry something), TOOK OVER (37D. Grabbed the reins), WET RAG (35A. Total bore), WHACK JOB (35D. Nut) — what do you mean “No problem!”

Other — BBQ CHIPS (1A. Party bowlful with zing), BREAK IN (44D Cause for an alarm), DOT COMS (43D. Many went bust after booming), EMPANADA (36D. South-of-the-border snack), EXHALED (25D. Let out, in a way), FACE TIME (13D. Camera hog’s concern), FRANCIS (27D. Crick who co-discovered DNA’s structure), JOE ISUZU (17A. Pitchman who said “It has more seats than the Astrodome!”), MINOR KEY (65A. Setting for half of Chopin’s 24 preludes), PIZARRO (7D. He had Atahualpa executed), THE OPERA (32A. Part of some cultural nights out).

Six-letter — BARGED (66A. Thrust oneself heedlessly), DEVICE (18A. Peripheral, e.g.), C-NOTES (38A. Large pieces of cabbage?), HONEYS (50D. Uses cajolery on), IN JOKE (48D. What only a select few might get), JAVIER (59A. Pitcher Lopez or Vazquez), ODENSE (64A. Port named for a Norse god), QUESTS (3D. Parts of many role-playing games), SPLIFF (9A. Joint), STOKER (49D. Person firing a locomotive).


Short stuff — APO, CGI, DII, DRK, EDEN and EGAN, ESE, FRED, HMO, HOS, IME, ISSO, JON, KNOW, LENO, OKRA and ORCA, OZS, POE (10D. “Hop-Frog” writer), RKO, STDS, STE, TETR, TOME, YOO-hoo!

"If you are in a spaceship that is traveling at the speed of light, and you turn on the headlights, does anything happen?" - Steven Wright


...and what did the blogs have to say?

“We have a pitchman and three pitchers in today’s puzzle. No wonder this tough Friday crossword is no softball. I found it the most challenging Friday in weeks.” - Jim Horne, Wordplay 

“Ooh, I loved this puzzle. It made me gnash my teeth. It made me roll my eyes and then unroll them because I was wrong to roll my eyes. It entertained and surprised me.” - Amy Reynaldo, Diary of a Crossword Fiend

“I think I liked this more than I didn't…” - Rex Parker Does the NYT Crossword


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Puzzle available on the internet at THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games (solutions to puzzles are available immediately by clicking on “Solution” in the Across Lite menu).
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 19. They may be fluid: Abbr.; 20. Covenants; 22. ___ Prairie, Minn.; 23. Sporty ride; 26. Its final production was released in 1959; 27. Cat of comics; 28. One of the Home Counties; 31. Year China’s Liang dynasty began; 34. “___ Mine” (track on “Let It Be”); 40. Humana offering, briefly; 45. Letters for enlistees’ letters; 47. ___ Spring; 51. Solidified; 53. Relative of “Apt.”; 54. Paradigm of piety, in Pamplona; 55. Have down; 56. In the middle; 58. English composer/pianist Lord. DOWN: 4. Technology for “Avatar,” e.g.: Abbr.; 5. Noel syllables; 9. They’re normal: Abbr.; 10. “Hop-Frog” writer; 11. Flame; 21. One with an extra-wide spine; 24. Half of oct-; 30. Cousin of a blackfish; 33. Eddie who inspired “The French Connection” 39. Soup thickener; 42. Childish rejoinder; 48. What only a select few might get; 49. Person firing a locomotive; 52. 1992 Dream Team member; 56. Ebenezer Scrooge’s nephew; 57. Noted reader of headlines; 60. Official conclusion?; 63. Nickname for Dwight Gooden.

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