11.03.10 — Cut It Out


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Puzzle by Tracy Gray, edited by Will Shortz

IT is removed from net profits, Tennessee Titans, no visitors allowed and learner's permits as clued by CUT IT OUT (62A. “Stop that!” … and a hint to the answers to 17-, 23-, 39- and 52-Across) resulting in NET PROFS (17A. Online university staff?), TENNESSEE TANS (23A. What Nashville sunbathers acquire?), NO VISORS ALLOWED (39A. Sign prohibiting sunshades?) and LEARNER’S PERMS (52A. Salon jobs from apprentice stylists?) — the interrelated group of this fine Wednesday crossword.

Other — ASIAN and EUROPE (11D. Like most Turks; 60A. Where to find a piece of Turkey), ASTRO and STAR (34A. Ballplayer with a 40-Down logo), FIORELLO (5D. Former Big Apple mayor La Guardia), IN NO TIME (14A. Quick as a wink), LOW PITCH (42D. Fastball in the dirt say), UNCLE LEO (68A. Seinfeld’s eccentric relative).

Six-letter — COSINE (18A. Trig function), ERODES (67A. Chips away at), IN JEST (47D. Kiddingly), NEVADA (8A. Sparks’s state), NUCLEI (8D. Atomic centers), PARENT (69A. Many a Little League rooter), UNISEX (16A. For all, as a restroom).

Five — ABODE, DENTS, ÉLEVE (24D. École attendee), ERECT, ERROR, HOPON, LAURA, PERIL, RATER, RECUR, REGIS, TABOR (23D. Drum accompanying a fife), TESTS, TRENT, TWO AM, VISTA.

Short stuff — ABET, ACTS, AIG and AIR and IRA, AXES, BARB, BEEP, BIN, BOTH, EEL, ENO, FIT, GEO, IMF, JOE, LAM, LIE, NCO, OER, OLA, ONE, PAL, PANE and PEN, RAH, RAYS, SCAR, SOT and TOS, TATS, TEL and TEAL, TLC, TNT, TOGO, TWP, UEY, UNA. (63D. Old-time actress Merkel).


I hooked up my accelerator pedal in my car to my brake lights. I hit the gas, people behind me stop, and I'm gone. ~ Steven Wright

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. The two together; 5. In fighting trim; 19. Anthem contraction; 20. Phone no.; 22. Body designs, informally; 27. One to hang with; 28. Special attention, for short; 29. Golf ball’s position; 30. “Not on ___!”; 32. Hasty escape; 43. At attention; 44. Sgt. or cpl.; 45. Like many fast-food orders; 46. Bailed-out insurance co.; 49. Local govt. unit; 51. Make public; 57. Zinging remark; 58. Coffee, slangily; 59. Nest egg letters; 67. Chips away at; 69. Many a Little League rooter; 70. “Go team!”; 71. Sunbathers catch them. DOWN: 1. Coal holder; 2. Indivisible; 3. Demolitionist’s aid; 4. Biker’s invitation to a friend; 6. Global currency org.; 7. Lab jobs; 9. Brian of ambient music; 10. Scenic view; 12. Body shop jobs; 13. Graph lines; 15. 1545-63 council site; 21. Moray, e.g.; 23. Drum accompanying a fife; 25. Emotionally damage; 26. Blue-green hue; 27. Plexiglas piece; 31. Muscle spasm; 33. AOL alternative; 35. W.C. Fields persona; 36. Bar closing time, perhaps; 37. Philbin of live TV; 38. “P.U.!” inducer; 40. See 34-Across; 41. “Hamlet” has five; 48. Prefix with thermal; 50. Jeopardy; 52. Michelle’s predecessor as first lady; 53. Goof; 54. “Humble” home; 55. Come back; 56. Zagat, to restaurants; 57. Microwave sound; 61. Porker’s pad; 64. Suffix with pay or plug; 65. Driver’s one-eighty; 66. How- ___ (handy books).

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