11.29.10 — Melodious Monday

Monday, November 29, 2010

Puzzle by Elizabeth A. Long, edited by Will Shortz

HEAD / BAND (35A. With 37-Across, hair accessory … or a literal hint to 19-, 27-, 47- and 56-Across), along with the first word of QUEEN ANNE’S LACE (19A. Wildflower from which the cultivated carrot originated), KISS OF DEATH (27A. Something that is ultimately ruinous), TRAFFIC CONE (47A. Orange item set out by a highway crew) and CREAM OF THE CROP (56A. Very best) are the interrelated group of this melodious Monday crossword.

Other — ARRESTS, CALORIE, CARRERA (41D. Classic Porsche model), CHARGER, COOPER, DELUISE, HOPE SO, IRAQ WAR (1D. It started in 2003 with the bombing of Baghdad), LABELED, NEW AGENDA (9D. Incoming administration’s to-do list), ONE COAT, ORACLES (40D. Magic 8 Balls, e.g.), SCUFFLE, SHAFTED BY (32D. Handed a raw deal from), SPANISH, TIMPANI (46D. Kettledrums).

Five-letter — ANTSY, ECARD, EDSEL, EWERS, FOCAL, GENRE, HERBS, REALM, SLEDS, 22A. “When WILL I See You Again” (1974 #2 hit).

Short stuff — ACCT, AGRA, ALBS, ASE and ASS, AYN, BELA, BOO, BOSH, DAN, DART, DOH, DREI, ELBE, ELF, ERE, EXPO, FTD, GEL, Former C.I.A. chief Porter GOSS, “Bali HAI” (“South Pacific” song), HIED, HES, IDA, “IDLE hands are the devil’s tools”, ISM and ISP, LEAP, NIK, NOAH, “O SAY can you see …?”, OXEN, PFUI (61A. “Drat!“), READ and REED, REDS, REIN, SHO and SHY, SOD and SOU and SOY, SPF, TUBE.

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. ~ Victor Hugo


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 5. “Nonsense!”; 9. Webster of Webster’s dictionary; 13. Do library study; 14. Convention center event for short; 15. Romance or sci-fi; 16. Priestly robes; 17. ___ year (period of 366 days); 18. Pitchers; 26. Enzyme suffix; 31. Cincinnati baseball team; 33. Homer Simpson exclamation; 34. Nervous; 39. ___ point (very center); 42. Kind of sauce; 43. Bank no.; 52. It may hit a bull’s-eye; 53. Nearly worthless amount; 54. Region; 60. Toboggans; 62. Taj Mahal city; 63. 11 ___ and spices (KFC secret ingredients); 64. German river where American and Soviet forces met in 1945; 65 Bridle strap; 67. Marsh plant; 68. German three. DOWN: 2. Comic actor Dom; 3. Tagged for identification; 4. 1950s Ford flop; 5. Lugosi of horror films; 6. Plow team; 7. “Cómo está usted?” language; 8. [Keeping fingers crossed]; 10. Minimal paint job; 11. Nabs; 15. Hair goop; 20. Suffix with refuse; 21. Letters on a Coppertone bottle; 25. “Once bitten, twice ___”; 28. Boise’s home: Abbr.; 29. Lawn base; 30. Aykroyd of the Blues Brothers; 36. Santa helper; 37. Hiss accompanier; 38. Literary Rand; 39. Bouquets-to-order co.; 42. Fight that’s less than a brawl; 44. San Diego footballer; 45. Some diet drinks have one; 48. Doctrine; 49. Author James Fenimore; 50. Before, poetically; 55. Modern greeting form; 57. Long-eared equine; 58. Toothpaste holder; 59. Hurried; 60. “___’ nuff”.

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