11.20.10 — It's a Secret


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Puzzle by Joe DiPietro, edited by Will Shortz

The elusive and the exhausting greets the solver of this secretive Saturday crossword.

Ten-and-over — ASPHALT TILE (42A. Flooring option), DADBLASTED (28D. No-good), GLASSY EYED (60A. Expressionless), HAD A SHOT AT (16A. Could still have gotten), IRAN CONTRA (18A. Subject of 1987 Congressional hearings), IT’S A SECRET (56A. “Shhh!“), NATHAN HALE (58A. Hero whose statue appears in front of Chicago’s Tribune Tower), REVERSE SIDE (24A. Back), SAM THE SHAM (20A. Pharaoh’s head?), SEED PEARLS (50A. Tiny, valuable beads), THE RASCALS (5A. Group whose 1968 album “Time Peace” was #1), THIS IS NUTS (5D. “Insane!”).

Nine-and-less — ALAN ARKIN (1D. Oscar-winning actor with the autobiography “Halfway Through the Door”), ALLELE (44D. One may be dominant), 41A. Yelena BONNER, Soviet dissident and wife of Andrei Sakharov), BYGONE ERA (2D. Time past), ED AMES (7D. Fess Parker’s TV co-star), EDIT OUT (37A. Delete from copy), FUEL PUMPS (33D. Tank-to-carburetor conduits), HARARE (6D. African capital of 1.5+ million), HURRAY (43D. It can follow two hips), IONIAN SEA (32D. Highly seismic area off the Greek coast), IRIDIUM (35A. Platinum-group element), KEENAN (30A. Coach Mike of the 1994 Stanley Cup-winning Rangers), LET HAVE IT (3D. Give the business), STREET ART (34D. Graffiti, e.g.).

Short stuff — ABLE, ACHE, AGTS, ANA, APE, ASCH, ATTHE, CAL, CESTA (4D. Item of sports equipment worn on the wrist), CONS, DAHS, EENY, ELIOT (29D. “The Sacred Wood” writer), EMP, END, ESSO, FAST, ICE, IFS, IRE, LARAM, LYES, MAP, NAT, NOHO, PETAL, PSAS, RAISA, RANT, REPR, SHOE, STAMP, STA, TNT and TNUT, TURF, UPC, USING, USMA.

Curiosity is lying in wait for every secret. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Word that keeps the same meaning if “cap-” is added at the front; 15. They burn; 17. Some people with sports M.B.A.’s: Abbr.; 19. N.Y.C. neighborhood; 21. Bibliophile’s suffix; 22. Mayo setting: Abbr.; 23. Charlemagne, e.g.: Abbr., EMP; 31. ___ Poly, school nickname; 32. What -___; 39. Basketball Hall-of-Famer Holman; 40. “Come ___?” (Italian greeting); 45. Short lines at checkout?; 48. Diminutive suffix; 49. Costume party costume; 55. Wide-headed fastener; 57. Classic football rival of Notre Dame: Abbr.; 59. Not an orig.; 61. Like some friends. — DOWN: 4. ___ Blue (old kerosene brand); 8. Objurgation; 9. “East River” novelist, 1946; 9. “East River” novelist, 1946; 10. Place to put a tap; 11. Hustles; 12. “___ Zoo,” 1967 hit; 13. Super Bowl XIV competitor, for short; 14. Forever ___; 25. Share of responsibility; 26. Mrs. Gorbachev; 27. Number in a pack; 36. Whole world in one’s hands?; 36. Basic cable inits.; 45. On drugs; 46. Bee’s landing place; 51. Three of these make an O; 52. Free TV spots, for short; 53. Start of a children’s rhyme; 54. Long; 55. Gang land.

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