11.13.10 — Stone

Stone Circle (Callanish), Scotland, Outer Hebrides, Isle of Lewis, photograph by Krystian Kozerawski


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Puzzle by Mark Diehl, edited by Will Shortz

Clues from the far side and/or far-out answers render this crossword a tough stone-cold Saturday solve bereft of delight and a tedious crawl…

Across — 1. Calisthenics for show-offs, CLAP PUSH-UPS; 12. Plaintive cry, WAH; 15. Saturn, for one, OUTER PLANET; 16. Diminutive Spanish name suffix, ITO; 17. European Neolithic monument, STONE CIRCLE; 18. Lawyer’s thing, RES; 19. Doctors, MENDS; 20. Least, PALTRIEST; 22. Pablo Neruda’s “ODES to Common Things”; 23. BOLO tie; 24. Go after, ENSUE; 25. Bit of centurion gear, SANDAL; 27. G.E. unit: Abbr., APPL; 28. Something a father may hear, PRAYER; 32. Play at recess, SKIP ROPE; 34. Coal holder, HIBACHI; 36. British form of 33-Down, SNOOKER; 37. Hint, OVERTONE; 39. Widows’ allowances, DOWERS; 40. Many a character on “The Big Bang Theory”, NERD; 41. Web site with the subheading “Merchant Services”, PAY PAL; 43. Overthrew, e.g., ERRED; 45. Samosa ingredients, PEAS; 46. Some fishing gear, BOBS; 50. Import/export business concern, TRADE LAWS; 52. Air traveling over snow?, CAROL; 54. Rental for many an apartment dweller, MINI STORAGE; 56. Freon initials, CFC; 57. Like critics, OPINIONATED; 58. “Animal Farm” locale, STY; 59. Kitschy stuffed toys, SOCK MONKEYS.

Down — 1. Red Cocktail, for short, COSMO; 2. Played some dulcet tones, LUTED; 3. Square things, ATONE; 4. Isn’t settled, PENDS; 5. U. V.I.P., PRES; 6. Supermarket lines, for short, UPC; 7. Loafer, e.g., SLIP-ON; 8. Five Norwegian kings, HARALDS; 9. Exposes, UNCLOAKS; 110. Trophy, of sorts, PELT; 11. Firewood measure, STERE; 12. Kind of wheel, WIRE SPOKE; 13. Took something in at night?, ATE SUPPER; 14. They may take you in at night, HOSTELERS; 21. Back to back, IN A ROW; 23. Engage in a bachelor party activity, BAR HOP; 25. Zen Buddhists, e.g., SECT; 26. Hamilton and Hunt, LINDAS; 28. Study making sound judgments?, PHONETICS; 29. Rapid transit?, RIVER RAFT; 30. It’s just not normal, ABERRANCY; 31. Penned in, YARDED; 33. See 36-Across, POOL; 35. Frenzied, IN A PANIC; 38. Sign meaning “Let this be our little secret”, EYE WINK; 42. Footnote word in Latin, PASSIM; 44. Shows at an expo, DEMOS; 46. P.M. before Sharon, BARAK; 47. Stand and deliver?, ORATE; 48. Menace in the air, maybe, BOGEY; 49. Moves along tirelessly?, SLEDS; 51. Middle management?, LIPO; 52. Didi of “Grease” and “Grease 2”,CONN; 55. Word accompanying “Much,” “Little” and “Late” in a 1978 #1 hit, TOO.

“Pay no attention to what the critics say.
A statue has never been erected in honor of a critic.” ~ Jean Sibelius


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Anonymous said...

I like a challenging puzzle, gives me a feeling of accomplishment for having solved it. This puzzle, though, was ridiculous. I wasn't able to solve it...a very, very rare occurrence. Dave, Columbia, MO