11.12.10 — Dead Ends

Catacombs beneath Iglesia de San Francisco, a Franciscan church and monastery in central Lima, photograph by Michael Fairchild


Friday, November 12, 2010

Puzzle by Barry C. Silk, edited by Will Shortz

Ten ten-letter entries are the main feature of this mischievously clued Friday crossword — ALEXANDER I (29D. Grandson of Catherine the Great), BRAIN CHILD (64A. Birth of a notion?), COAT HANGER (12D. Aid for not losing one’s shirt), LOVE POTION (28D. Preparation that makes folks hot?), MY PLEASURE (60A. “Don’t mention it”), OREO COOKIE (15A. Newton alternative), SAFETY BELT (17A. Traveler’s check), SAND STONES (66A. Quartzite and such), SURFER GIRL (1A. One “standing by the ocean’s roar,” in a 1963 song), TWIN ENGINE (13D. Like some fighters).

Other — CATACOMBS (33D. Maze full of dead ends?), DUST PAN (43D. Bunny collector?), EXISTED (41A. Was present), IKETTES (8D. 1960s R&B backup group, with “the”), LET’S DANCE (10D. 1983 #1 hit for David Bowie), RHEOSTAT (24D. Slot car controller), SINGING (34A. Choir practice?), SPARTACUS (46A. Crassus defeated him)TARGETED (21D. Not scattershot), TEXARKANA (30A. Ross Perot’s birthplace).

Mid-size — AMENS (51D. Periods of prayer?), CONTAC, CREST, CUTEST, DASHER, EARED, ETHENE, GO BUST, ROYCE, SCYTHE, SENTRA, SLASH, STADT, STOLID, TOLTEC (32A. Ancient resident of Mexico’s Cholula), TOM TOM.

Short stuff — ACT and ALT, CST, ECT, ENID, ERLE, EVE, FEDS, FOE, GIN, HAT, HORA, HOWE, ICE (38A. Put away), IRT, MAIN, MYRA, OAR, OCTS, OHM, RAD, REF and REFT, RILE, RUIN, SHO, SKI, SOSA, STE, TIER, TNT (22A. Letters of discharge?), URAL, XII, YTD.

It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers.
 ~ James Thurber


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 11. Fall times: Abbr.; 16. “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” lyricist; 18. It might cross 1st, 2nd and 3rd; 19. What’s gained after taking off: Abbr.; 20. Most fetching; 23. Trough’s opposite; 25. No slowpoke; 27. Division indicator; 35. Chronological threshold; 36. Backwash creator; 39. It’s often in a sling; 44. Fruit-ripening gas; 48. Like jugs; 49. TheraFlu alternative; 50. Numberg or Neu-Ulm; 52. Stock page abbr.; 53. Monotonous beating sound; 55 Expert on plays; 58. Piece of cake?; 63. Division del dia; 65. “Idylls of the King” figure. — DOWN: 1. 1997-99 N.L. strikeout leader; 2. Russia’s ___ Airlines; 3. Robbed, old-style; 4. Scarecrow, to Batman; 5. External: Prefix; 6. Early car company co-founder; 7. Lose one’s shirt; 9. Chafe; 11. Omega, to a physicist; 14. Civic rival; 23. Midwest setting: Abbr.; 27. Abbr. in many Quebec addresses; 31. Top of many a timepiece; 37. Sport, for short; 40. Jarrett of Nascar; 42. Old N.Y.C. elevated operator; 45. See 26-Down; 46. Means of splitting stalks?; 47. Hard to stir; 54. Pioneering woman lawyer Bradwell; 55. Make unusable; 56. Contemporary of Ngaio; 57. Some badge flashers; 59. “Outstanding, man!”; 61. Put-on; 62. “The Big C” airer, briefly.

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