11.14.10 — Gettysburg Address

Sunday, November 14, 2010

SPECIAL DELIVERY, Puzzle by Patrick Merrell, edited by Will Shortz

One hundred and fifty-seven years ago this week on Friday, November 19th, Abraham Lincoln delivered The Gettysburg Address. The second Sunday variety crossword of November 14th took note of same with a puzzle of unusual format. To be honest, this great little puzzle itself is rather easy. After the first few transfers of letters, taking a clue from the puzzle’s entries of LINCOLN, THE GETTYSBURG ADDRESS (12A. Delivery man?; 66A. With 126-Across, what was delivered; 126A. See-Across), it was a test of school-day memory to continue on with the opening sentence of same. Where did I get “forefathers”? That far back, it was simply one’s father! Other than that, there was no need to transfer letter by letter. The puzzle, a variation of an acrostic, is authored by Patrick Merrell, the witty co-blogger (along with Jim Horne) of The New York Times. Merrell’s cartoons are the best thing in crossword blogdom! Would that he had made one for this crossword/acrostic — perhaps this rip-off will do…

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