11.01.10 — kān

Cain and Abel, 1542-44, Titian


Monday, November 1, 2010

Puzzle by Holden Baker, edited by Will Shortz

WALKING CANE (17A. Aid for a person with a limp), COCAINE (35A. Drug from Colombia), CITIZEN KANE (53A. 1941 Orson Welles classic), KEY BISCAYNE (11D. Nixon’s Florida home) and RAISING CAIN (25D. Creating a ruckus) comprise the interrelated group of this Monday crossword.

Other — BORNEO, CLIQUE, COMANCHE (36D. War chief Black Horse‘s tribe), DOPIEST, FAVORS, IRKSOME, W.W. II admiral Chester NIMITZ, OPENER, PEEPHOLE, RAGTAG, SHEIKS, SPROUTS, SQUEAK, STONES (50A. Mick Jagger and bandmates, informally), THAMES.

Five-letter — ANDRE, ARPEL, AXLES, CENTS, DOZEN, ELDER, END ON a positive note, EXCON, FRANZ, FRISK, HAUTE, GODOT (34D. Whom Vladimir and Estragon were waiting for, in a Beckett play), ORANG and OGRES, PABST, PAGES, PHLOX, PINUP, REAPS, RYDER, STALL, STOIC, SWIRL.

Short stuff — ADO and AGO, A CAT and A PIG, AER, ALA, ALIE, BONE, BYRD, COG, ERE and ERR, IAN, INCA, ITO and TITO (43A. Judge in the O.J. Simpson trial; 51D. Latin jazz great Puente), KFC, LOS, LXI, NDAK, Jacqueline Kennedy NEE Bouvier, NUTS, OIL, ORIG, Architect I. M. PEI, SSN and SSW, STUD, SVEN, TWA, Keats’s “Ode on a Grecian URN, and Yang’s counterpart, YIN.


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Remaining Clues — ACROSS: 1. Not reacting to pain, say; 6. Playboy centerfold, e.g.; 11. Col. Sanders’s restaurant; 1. Go round and round; 15. Tennis champ Agassi; 16. “…___ he drove out of sight”; 19. Yang’s counterpart; 20. Sound from a mouse; 21. Blue Ribbon beer brewer; 23. Brussels ___; 26. Arabian V.I.P.’s; 27. River past Westminster Palace; 28. Party handouts; 30. “That’s ___!” (“Not true!”); 31. Cosmetician Adrien; 32. Machine tooth; 35. ___ Alamos, N.M.; 38. “Long ___ and far away …”; 39. Virgil’s 61; 40. Long-armed ape, for short; 41. Late West Virginia senator Robert; 44. Island where many a 40-Across lives; 46. Disheveled; 48. Most boneheaded; 49. One out of prison; 52. ___ carte; 59. French word before cuisine or couture; 60. Respected tribe member; 61. ID on an I.R.S. form; 63. Actress Winona. — DOWN: 1. Opposite NNE; 2. Old “Up, up and away” carrier; 3. Texaco’s business; 4. Irritating; 5. In-group; 6. Senate gofers; 7. Early Peruvian; 8. Fargo’s home: Abbr.; 10. Hotel room door feature; 12. Pat down, as for weapons; 13. Number after a decimal in a price; 18. Items in a Planters can; 22. ___ Lingus; 23. Play for time; 24 Showy flowers; 26. Stereotypical Swedish man’s name; 28. Writer Kafka; 29. Fat as ___; 31. Nervous as ___; 33. Fairy tale monsters; 37. Copier input: Abbr.; 41. In a quick and lively manner; 44. Common shape for a dog biscuit; 45. First game of the season; 46. Harvests; 47. Connections for car wheels; 48. Egg carton count; 50. Poker variety; 54. Author Fleming or McEwan; 55. Put two and two together; 57. Blunder.

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