11.14.10 — Two Heads Are Better Than One


Sunday, November 14, 2010

DOUBLEHEADERS, Puzzle by Patrick Berry, edited by Will Shortz

Adding a repeated word to rock and roll, water hazard, naked eye, wheel of cheese, wood duck, can we talk and crab grass constitutes this humorous, but scatterbrained Sunday crossword’s interrelated group, rife with bits and pieces just as repetitious — ask a friend along for a leisurely solve, two heads are better than one.

  • BEDROCK AND BED ROLL (23 Factors to consider while trying to sleep on a campout?)
  • FIREWATER FIRE HAZARD (30A. What the marshal declared the moonshiner’s shed to be?)
  • BUCK NAKED BUCKEYE (48A. Ohio State athlete who forgot his uniform?)
  • BIG WHEEL OF BIG CHEESE (63A. C.E.O.’s tricycle?)
  • DEADWOOD DEAD DUCK (81A. Wild Bill Hickok holding his aces and eights?)
  • TRASH CAN WE TRASH TALK (97A Garbage receptacle that you and I insult?)
  • BLUE CRAB BLUE GRASS (108A. “That high lonesome sound,” as played by Atlantic crustaceans?)

Other — ANTI-WAR (53A. Fighting fighting), ARRAIGN, BAD CHECK, BAR OF SOAP (43D. Fragrant cake), COLORER, COMMANDEERS (16D. “Borrows” peremptorily), EN MASSE (77A. As a group), IDEAL GAS LAW (64D. PV = nRT, to physicists), INUNDATE, LEONA LEWIS (117A. Singer of the 2008 #1 hit “Bleeding Love”), OVERPASSED (19A. Went beyond), SKYSCAPE (88. Picture that shows you what‘s up?), SPANGLE, SPOORED (5D. Followed the game), TURNED TO (42D. Called upon).

Short stuff — ABC, ACNE and ACRE, ACTI, AIR, ALEC, ALT, AMP, ANON, AONE, ASSN, ATO, AWE, AXL (107A. Rose of rock), BAN and BAT, BELA (62D. Composer Bartók), BIRD, BOB, BRA and BRR, BRIT, CBS, COM, CSA, CUE, DNA, DREW, DRUG, EDS, ELM, ENID, ESTD, EVE, EXES, GIS, GUN (44D. Round container), HEX, HULL, IAGO, IRE and IRAE, LAD, LIMA, LOT, MBA, MIA and MOI, MORE, MUD (61A. Name for a persona non grata), NATO, NEST (46D. Cheeper lodging?), OARS and ORES, OAT, OMAN, OHNO, PEW, PRE, RANK, RAP, RED and REDO, RIDS, ROSY, SEPT, SIC and SIX, SOD and SOL, SST, TED, THEA, TWA, USPS, VIED, Ancient Rome’s Appian WAY, WSW.

Two heads are better than one. ~ Polish proverb


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 6. Big yard area; 10. Expresses disbelief; 16. “The Big Bang Theory” network; 22. Muesli tidbit; 25. Upper mgmt. aspirant; 26. Superior; 27. You might come up for this; 28. Epitome of ease; 29. Arabian Peninsula sultanate; 35. L on a T?; 37. A. E. Housman’s “A Shropshire ___”; 38. Smelted substances; 39. Preventive measure; 43. Upper support; 44. Attend to a plot; 47. “Pardonnez-___!”; 56. Coxswain’s lack; 57. Relative standing; 58. Publishing hirees, for short; 59. Part of P.T.A.: Abbr.; 60. From ___ Z; 62. One who puts U in disfavor?; 69. Start over on; 70. Chain of life?; 71. Local news hour; 72. Keel’s place; 73. Dudgeon; 74. Prologue follower; 76. Request upon finishing; 85. Spell; 86. Respectful bow; 87. Criminal charge; 91. Platoon members, briefly; 92. Competed; 94. Unit of current; 96. Places to plug in peripherals; 103. Promising good things; 104. Music genre prefix; 106. “What a shame!”; 115. Uma’s “Pulp Fiction” role; 116. Many a Monopoly property; 119. Seat facing the altar; 119. Worked on in the lab; 120. Cornerstone abbr.; 121. Put up. — DOWN: 1. Rise and fall repeatedly; 2. Big day preceder; 3. Red Sox legend Williams; 4. Call into court; 6. Crooked; 7. Rebel org.; 8. Soprano Tebaldi; 9. Went around in circles, say; 10. Opposite of post-; 11. Landscaper’s roll; 13 Pueblo structures; 15. Roman sun god; 18. Roadside shop; 20. Indication of teen stress, maybe; 24. “Turn up the heat!”; 29. Missouri’s ___ Trail; 30. Common dessert ingredient; 31. Tess’s literary seducer; 32. Offers a few directions?; 33. “Dies ___” (Latin hymn); 34. By surprise; 35. City where TV’s “Glee” is set; 36. In a moment; 41. Discountenance; 45. Singer Gorme; 49. Eucalyptus eater; 50. Defense grp. Headquartered in Belgium; 51. Pharmacopoeia selection; 54. Shakespearean character who says “I am not what I am”; 55. Nashville-to-Memphis dir.; 61. Diverse; 63. Kentucky college; 65. Geraint’s wife in “Idylls of the King”; 66. Aircraft, informally; 58. Massachusetts’ state tree; 69. Fres (of); 74. Covered; 76. Business address ender; 78. Pool hall pro; 79. Quatre + trois; 80. Former union members?; 83. Took a card; 84. Census form deliverer: Abbr.; 89. Sequin; 90. Crayon wielder; 92. Moral standards; 93. Focused; 94. Fit for cultivation; 95. Invitees who didn’t R.S.V.P., say; 99. Deliver at a farm; 100. Bygone rival of Delta; 101. Harass nonstop; 102. “Take ___ Train”; 108. Be up; 109. Ham helper; 110. Spectrum segment; 111. Auction purchase; 112. What the sublime inspires; 113. Verbatim quote addendum, possibly; 114. J.F.K. arrival of old.

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