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Les Secrets De L'Amour by Adolphe Jourdan


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Puzzle by Brad Wilber, edited by Will Shortz

Clues from the far side resulting in answers of obscurity and/or absurdity, make this lovely Saturday crossword a mean solve, if nonetheless thought-provoking, simple and enlightening. In the end, there are no secrets…

Across — 1. Baseball All-Star’s nickname … or a popular food product, BIG MAC; 7. Music that may make you get down, SAD SONGS; 15. Crazy Horse, e.g., OGLALA; 16. Kooky, OUT THERE; 17. Physically show elation, DO A JIG; 18. U.S. Civil War starting point, FT SUMTER; 19. Financial report abbr., YTD; 20. Coming up on the hour, TEN TO; 22. Old Chicago Outfit front man, NITTI; 23. Go for, COST; 25. Actor Rogen and others, SETHS; 27. Register indicator, CLEF; 28. Like monster trucks or their spectators, AROAR; 30. Hardly inclined, LOATH; 32. Commuting options, ELS; 33. Macaque or marmoset, SIMIAN; 35. Many a benefit tourney, PRO-AM; 37. Axel alternative, TOE LOOP; 39. Argumentative, POLEMIC; 43. Cause of a rash reaction?, SUMAC; 45. Reel revolution, DO-SI-DO; 46. Settings for much stitching, briefly, ORS; 49. Capital near Lake Titicaca, LAPAZ; 51. Capital near Green Peter Lake, SALEM; 52. NOW head?: Abr., NATL; 54. Buns may cover them, NAPES; 56. Cheese portion, SLAB; 57. Bolt, SCRAM; 59. John’s neighbor, BIDET; 61. Oslo Accords grp., PLO; 62. Treats served toasted and buttered, TEA CAKES; 64. Triple-platinum 1982 album with the #1 hit Africa”, TOTO IV; 66. One drawing many blanks, AMNESIAC; 67. Rodin worked in it, BRONZE; 68. Past paranoia producer, RED SCARE; 69. At that place, YONDER.

Down — 1. Wear after a serious spill, BODY CAST; 2. Signature song of Peter Allen, I GO TO RIO; 3. Delightful, GLADSOME; 4. Lt. col.’s inferior, MAJ; 5. Put down, ALIT; 6. Aviary supply, CAGES; 7. Feature of many a Jeep, SOFT TOP; 8. Producer of simple chords, AUTOHARP; 9. Woe while getting clean, DTS; 10. Floor, STUN; 11. Like some resistance, OHMIC; 12. Vex, NETTLE; 13. Fictional woodcutter’s daughter, GRETEL; 14. Character traits?, SERIFS; 21. “Regnava NEL silenzio” (Donizetti aria); 24. Flip response?, TAILS; 26. Bore, STOOD; 29. Dadaist Hausmann, RAOUL; 31. They may appear over icons, HALOS; 34. NO MAN of Her Own” (Clark Gable film); 36. Western scenery, MESAS; 38. One with a notably hard bed, PAPA BEAR; 40. Wheel-powering reservoir, MILL POND; 41. Put on a pedestal, IDEALIZE; 42. Cover-up unlikely to fool anyone, COMB OVER; 44. “Got it?”, CAPISCE; 46. G.M. system with a “Virtual Advisor”, ONSTAR; 47. Poinciana feature, RACEME; 48. 42-Down unit, STRAND; 50. Part of an English wizard’s spell?, ZED; 53. Doctors with spirits, LACES; 55. Reserve for future use, SET BY; 60. Zodiaco animal, TORO; 58. Like 60-Down: Abbr., MASC; 63. Rondo producer, KIA; 65. Host, TON.

“Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” ~ Benjamin Franklin


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