11.26.10 — Zebra, Zenda and Zorro...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Puzzle by Gary Steinmehl, edited by Will Shortz

Three film titles, ICE STATION ZEBRA (16A. 1968 Rock Hudson action film), MARK OF ZORRO (30A. 1940 Tyrone Power adventure film, with “The”) and PRISONER OF ZENDA (46A. 1937 Ronald Colman adventure film, with “The”) are the interrelated group of this fine Friday crossword.

Other — COASTER (51A. Thing under a tumbler), EVASION, GRIPPER, HARVARD (14A. Lamont Library locale), INDEX FINGER (17D. Telephone dialer?) running right up the center of the crossword like a statement of sorts!, LIBRETTO (11D. Book), MILITIAS (30D. Revolutionary War groups), PER DIEM, RESERVE (33D. What things may be held in), Atom SMASHER, TERNATE (12D. Like a clover leaf), TERSELY (53A. Without any gas?), WRITHED (1A. Showed great discomfort).

Six-letter — BOATER, DREARY and GRITTY (39D. Gray; 32A. Strongly realistic), HANDEL (38D. “Ezio” composer), IRENIC, POINTE, POULTS (8A. Turkey tots?), RACINE, RESETS, WHISKS (1D. Egg beaters).

Five — AIKEN, ANNEX, BATES, BETTE, BLESS, BORAX and BOSOX (27D. Ingredient in artificial gems; 28A. Green Monster‘s squad), BOWER, CLINE (45D. “She‘s Got You“ singer, 1962), IOWAN, LEARN (24D. Wise up), MADLY (22A. One way to be in love), MUSKY, NIGER, NINOS, PENNY (8D. Wise leader?), POOLS (15D. Crawl spaces?), RELEE, SINES, TORTE, TUBES, TVSET (4D. Show case?).

Short stuff — ABOO, BOAR, CZAR, DDT, DIKE (44D. Big bank investment?), DOIT, ERA, FOE, HATS, ISIS, KNIT, LEAH, NONO, OCT, ORZO (9D. Italian side dish), PHD, RNS, SEC, SSE, Ulan-UDE, Russia, ZONE.

Lights! Cameras! Action!

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Remaining clues — 15. Like some expense reimbursements; 18. They can make waves; 19. It’s out of bounds; 20. H.M.O. personnel; 21. Grow together; 24. “Dressing Rich” author Feldon; 25. Heartbeat; 26. Sights in an intensive care unit; 27. “___ of Roses” (1995 adult contemporary album), 29. One on board an outboard; 34. Dweller along the Skunk River; 35. 1935 Pulitzer-winning biography; 36. Take over; 37. Many a prof; 40. “Aida” chorus subject; 41. Where Hausa and Djerma are spoken; 42. Adonis’ undoing; 43. Sitter’s charge, maybe; 44. Big bank investment; 50. Political tactic; 52. Transplants. DOWN: 2. County south of Milwaukee; 3. Peaceful; 5. They have crowns; 6. Big time; 7. It’s been banned in the U.S. since 1972; 22. Like some perfume; 23D. “Bug ___” (1999 Destiny’s Child hit); 26. Calorie-rich dessert; 28. Katharine Lee ___, writer of “America the Beautiful”; 29. Garden shelter; 36. Conrad who wrote “Ushant,” 1952; 37. ___ shoes (ballet wear); 41. Young hijos; 42. Smile upon; 44. Darer’s cry; 45. Powerful person; 47. Tampa-to-Ft. Myers dir.; 48. Time of much raking: Abbr.; 49. One to counter.

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