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Love A Fair, photograph collage by Donald


Sunday, November 7, 2010

LEADING ARTICLES, Puzzle by Will Nediger, edited by Will Shortz

Why explain this one? Patrick Merrell of Wordplay, The Crossword Blog of The New York Times does it as well as it can be done, HERE. Simply put, however, removing one of the double letters of arrest, attack, affair, arrival, account, attire and address, leaving the article a to stand alone, producing a different phrase, clued question-mark style, comprises this fragmented Sunday crossword’s interrelated group, as follows:

  • RESISTING A REST (22A. Trying to stay awake?)
  • UNDER A TACK (36A. Pinned down?)
  • LOVE A FAIR (72. Really enjoy going to carnivals?)
  • UPON A RIVAL (106A. Straddling one’s opponent?)
  • CHECKING A COUNT (123A. Frisking Dracula?)
  • EVENING A TIRE (16D. Mechanic’s task?)
  • RETURN A DRESS (64D. What the dissatisfied female gifted might do after Christmas?)

Other — AD NAUSEAM (97A. Seemingly without end), ALOHA STATE (80D. 85-Down is part of it) and OAHU (85D. Home of the highways H1 and H2), AUTO RACING (6D. Activity with flags), GOOD AS NEW (45D. Handyman’s exclamation), PARTICLE (90D. It may be elementary), RATTLE ON (13D. Refuse to shut up), REMAINED (38D. Didn’t go), TOILING AT (46A. Working hard on), TRADE WAR (61D. It may involve punitive tariffs), VIS-A-VIS (3&4D. In relation to).

Seven-letter — ABSOLUT, ATOM MAN, DYNAMIC, I GIVE UP (19A. “Fine, tell me”), MOOCHED, PERETTI, PISTOLS, POWER PC, SAVALAS (1A. Oscar-nominated actor with the given name Aristotelis), SAT ATOP, Star-STUDDED, TEN PAST, UMPIRES, YELLS AT (33A. Reads the riot act).


Five — ADOLF (108D. Unpopular baby name), AERIE, BENIN, DEEPS, ESTES, FASTS, ICE AX, IGLOO (65. Northern hemisphere?), KALEL, KNEAD, MANES, MORAY, MORON, NEMEA, NEPAL (23D. Kingdom overthrown in 2008), ODEON, OUTER, PLEBE, SACHS, STIES (34D. Stockholders?), STORE (25A. Stockholder?), TAROT (26A. Deck for divining).

Short stuff — AGE, AMAT, AND, ARM, BADE, CELL (51D. Sentence structure?), CULT, DIE, DREW, DUAD and DUET, ECON and ETON, EDEN, EROS (113A. First near-Earth asteroid to be discovered), ESS, EXAM, HERE, INDY, INS, IRAQ, ISAY, ITT, JAG, KNOX, LEDA (15D. Mother of Helen and Pollux), LEST, LEVI, LUAU, LUNG (44A. Air bag?), MALT, MER, MONO, MOOT, NAS (126D “Illmatic“ rapper), NEAP, NEU, NUTS, OVUM, PEP, PIPE, PROF, PSAT, RAMA, RAVI, REAP, REPS and RIPS, ROMP, SCUM (32D. Film you don‘t want to see), SIR, SOON, TEAK, TON, TNT, TURF, UMA, WHIM, WINK, XKES, XOUT (58A. Get rid of).

If we listened to our intellect, we'd never have a love affair. We'd never have a friendship. We'd never go into business, because we'd be cynical. Well, that's nonsense. You've got to jump off cliffs all the time and build your wings on the way down. ~ Ray Bradbury


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 14. Annapolis frosh; 20. Slide sight; 21. Steve who played the title role of Hercules in a 1959 film); 24. Fervid; 27. No Mr. Nice Guy; 28. It has 21 spots; 21. Features of some jeans; 35. Connections; 40. “Beauty and the Beast,” e.g.; 41. Bunch; 43. Spot overseer; 50. Vigorous; 52. Not worth debating; 54. Popular word in German product packaging; 55. Requested; 56. Shaggy locks; 60. Lay on; 62. Debussy subject; 67. Took a card; 69. Like grizzlies; 70. Classic theater name; 75. Home to fly into; 78. “Darn!”; 79. Work, in a way; 81. Un-P.C. suffix; 84. Early Beatles songs are in it; 86. Foe of 130-Across, at birth; 88. Call to a dog; 89. Vinegar; 91. Twice-a-month tide; 93. It was developed by Apple, IBM and Motorola; 100. Sudden fancy; 103. Site of the brachial artery; 104. Prepresidential title for Bill Clinton or Woodrow Wilson: Abbr.; 108. Moreover; 114. Addams Family cousin; 115. Skin layer; 117. Scaling tool; 119. Peripheral; 122. Mark who won the 1998 Masters; 128. First name on “60 Minutes”; 129. Rake; 130. Lex Luthor alter ego, once; 131. Takes nothing in; 132. One of the Crusader states; 133. A sixth of the way through the hour. DOWN: 1. Letter start; 2. Gray; 5. For fear that; 7. Spunk; 8. Bender; 9. Part of a Latin conjugation; 11. Razzed; 12. Smirnoff competitor; 14. Jewelry designer Elsa; 17. Neighbor of Nigeria and Togo; 18. Opera singer Simon; 21. Arthur C. Clarke’s “Rendezvous With ___”; 28. Couple; 29. May event, informally; 30. British P.M. between Churchill and Macmillan; 37. Entrance requirement, sometimes; 38. Didn’t go; 39. The “K” of James K. Polk; 42. Partway home; 47. Island do; 49. Plain homes?; 53. Gang’s area; 57. Any minute now; 59. Furniture material; 62. Sitcom role for Brandy Norwood; 63. Ready for publication; 66. Certain gamete; 68. Sleep unit?; 73. George Orwell’s alma mater; 74. Take in; 77. Gym number; 83. Ocean areas; 87. Big name in denim; 92. Snowman’s prop; 94. Sitarist Shankar; 95. H.S. junior’s exam; 96. Kind of film;98. Call makers; 99. Freeloaded; 101. Fool; 105. Take to the cleaners; 107. Nutty treat; 109. Site of Hercules’ first labor; 111. “Well, old chap!”; 112. Goldman ___; 116. Fountain order; 118. Classic sports cars; 120. Nobel p=Prize subj.; 121. Frolic; 124. Writer Levin; 125. Portrayer of June in “Henry & June”; 127. Blaster.

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