11.27.10 — Steel Jaws

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Puzzle by Xan Vongsathorn, edited by Will Shortz

FIRST ONE TO BLINK (7D. Defeated contestant in a face-off) and THE BIGGEST LOSER (32A. Show in which many pots disappear?) are the featured entries of this vicious Saturday crossword, along with such fare as STEEL JAWS (31D. Features of some bear traps), FAST DRAW (7A. Duel action), BRAVE and FREE RANGE (47D. Unlike chickens; 6D. Like some chickens) and all other manner of WELTER 15A. Confusion).

Other — ARF ARF reappears from last week, then clued as "dog‘s bark," this time "Reaction from one who has a bone to pick," BAIL and JAIL dovetail (33D. Cost to get out of 46-Across), BOBBLEHEAD (47A. Bouncer in a sports stadium?), CALAMARI (52A. Mediterranean appetizer), FLAT NOTE (3D. Harmony spoiler), IDLE RICH (16A. Working class’s antithesis), SALE ITEM (35D. Something intended to move fast), SENIORITIS (22A. High-class affliction?), SODA JERK (59A. Float maker), THE RAVEN (57A. It uses 20 different end rhymes for “ore”).


Short stuff — ADOS, AMAJ, ARA and ARAL, ALE and ARE and ATE and AWE (1D. Something to be struck with), BENZ (25A. Patent-Motorwagen inventor), BOZO, DRE, EENIE, ELIA, END IT, ETCH, ETON, EVA, GELD, GO SEE (28A. “Check it out!”), I DIG (24D. “Gotcha“), JERI, PCT, PITT, PNIN (30A. Nabokov novel), REC, RETD, RETRO, SEPT, SERB, SEZ, SLIT, SLUES, SNEE (20A. Old dirk), SORE, SYD, TARE, TEED, TELE, ZOE.

"Only this, and nothing more."
~ Poe, The Raven

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 17. Game with tricks; 18. Literally, “small wheel”; 19. Word on a scale; 21. Tony winner Caldwell; 26. Historic institution near Slough; 27. Buzzes; 29. Poll fig.; 30. Nabokov novel; 3. Casual remarks?; 38. Took back, as words; 39. Ticked; 40. Moose Drool or Trout Slayer; 41. Send a Dear John letter; 44. Like some eyes; 45. Turtle’s eye, often; 49. Bond girl player Green; 50. Distrit in southern Kazakhstan; 51. Ryan of “Star Trek: Voyager”; 54. Novelist Diamant and others; 58. Aging establishment; 60. Felt. —  DOWN: 2. Ping-Pong or dancing, for short; 5. Back in; 8. Male doll; 9. Turns sharply; 10. TV segment; 11. N.F.L. cornerback ___ Bly; 12. Alternatives to Triscuits; 13. Show opener; 14. Allergy symptom; 22. Deux into quatorze; 23. Do some impressive work?; 25. Chowderhead; 28. Deprive of vitality; 30. British leader in the Seven Years’ War; 34. Dinar earner; 36. “Old China” essayist; 37. Like many offs.; 41. Red-cards, say; 42. Adjective-less language; 43. Got on the horn; 44. Kite, often; 45. Iconic building?; 48. Kids’ rhyme starter; 50. Setting of Mozart’s only clarinet concerto: Abbr.; 53. Neighbor of Scorpius; 55. Is for you?; 56. Folk rock singer Straw.

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