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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Puzzle by David Levinson Wilk, edited by Will Shortz

Phrases beginning with a past participle ending in "-ED" being rethought as verb phrases involving eight fairly-well known personalities named "ED" in the clues, constitutes the interrelated group of this clever Sunday crossword. The eight “ED”s are not really relevant to the resulting entries; so while it’s nice to have eight different EDs, one would do.

WANT ED DEAD OR ALIVE (23A. Be willing to apprehend Mr. Bradley at any cost?)
BURN ED AT THE STAKE (31A. Punish Mr. Harris in a medieval way?)
HOOK ED ON PHONICS 43A. Get Mr. Koch addicted to a modern reading method?)
BLESS ED EVENT (66A. Preside over Mr. O’Neill’s baptism?)
CRACK ED JOKES (75A. Do Mr. Sullivan’s stand-up material?)
GROUND ED FOR LIFE (93A. Prohibit Mr. McMahon from ever socializing again?)
TOUCH ED IN THE HEAD (103. Perform brain surgery of Mr. Begley?)
DRESS ED TO THE NINES (116A. Put Mr. Meese in an Armani suit?)

Other — AIR CANADA (10A. Star Alliance member), ALA MODE, ALOHA OE (91D. Elvis sings it in “Blue Hawaii”), ASPIRATION (79D. Hope), COAGULATE (1A. Thicken), DEBRIEF, EMERSION, FAT CELL (90D. Adipocyte), FOOTNOTES (127A. Where the stars might be pointing?), GETS CLOSER (4D. Approaches), Brooklyn HEIGHTS, IGUANAS (92D. Household pets that need ultraviolet light in the cages), IT’S ON ME, NESTLE’S (129A. Brand name that used to be spelled out in commercials), MICHAEL (17D. One of the Jackson 5), OBSESSION (20A. 1994 biography of Calvin Klein), ORDEALS, PNC PARK (10A. Pirates home), ROSALIE (21A. 1937 Cole Porter tune), SIDE-STEP, UNBAKED, YES WE DO (19D. One side’s retort to “No, you don’t!”).

Mid-size — AIM FOR, ALE KEG, A MESS, ASNER and SANTA (3D. 109-Down portrayer in 2003‘s “Elf“), ATTACK, Singer CHAKA Khan, COWAN, ELLAS, ESSAI, ETAPE, EVOKE, GET ‘EM while they‘re hot!”, HADES, HAD IN, KEEPS, LIENEE, LINENS, MALTA, “What A MESS!“’ NORMA, NOT ON, PETCO, PROUD, OBAMA, OP EDS, PSHAW, SO I SEE, SPEED (110D. 1994 action flick with the tagline “Get ready for rush hour!”), STRATI, TERSE, TESSA, THEME, TIDAL, TSETSE (49D. “Mogambo” threat).

Short stuff — ADAH, AID, ALDO, ALGA, ALI (14D. Noted Cosell interviewee), ARIA, ARME, ASST, ATAN, BAN, BEE (31D. Apiphobiac‘s fear), CBS and CSA, DDE, DEED, DUM, EASE, EAN and EAT, EGER (65A. Hungarian city known for its thermal baths), ELI, EMT, ENA and ENNA, ESPN, ESS, ETC, FAIT, FIE, HALE, HAM, HIC, HOR, IKES, INE, JETE, KENO, LES, Mauna LOA, LSD, MUY, NARC, NENA, NOSE, OBI, OFA, OGRE, OMA, ONE D, PAL, PETA and PTAS, REBS, RED and REED, REO, RFD, RIV, ROLO, RTE, SAKI, SNL, SOT, TAN, TBAR, THA, TIO, TOE, TRI, UND, USES, USN.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 17. Venezuelan’s “very”; 22. Serpent’s tail?; 25. Original “I Love Lucy” airer; 27. Doo-wop syllable; 28. “Oh, baloney!”; 29. One awaiting a shipment, maybe; 39. Person with a mortgage, e.g.; 41. Menotti’s “Lullaby,” for one; 42. Epitome of thinness; 48. Fashion’s Gucci; 49. To the point; 50. “Pictures ___ Exhibition”; 51. Down a submarine, say; 53. Evade; 57. Barrel in a bar; 61. Kind of wave; 69. ___ Long, Union general in the Civil War; 70. “___ Carter III<“ best selling album of 2008; 71. Smallest member of the European Union; 72. Idle; 73. Criminalize; 74. Letters on Ozzie Smith’s cap; 79. French weapon; 80. Montaigne work; 82. “That seems to be the case”; 83. Act of coming out; 85. Madre’s hermano; 87. Fur fighters?; 89. Opinion pieces; 90. Made in France?; 100. Pool organism; 101. 12-Down soldiers, for short; 102. Set as a goal; 108. Mgr.’s aide; 113. Virginia ___; 114. Military march; 115. Suffix with Ecuador or Euclid; 126. Treater’s phrase; 128. Longtime 25-Across president Moonves. — DOWN: 1. Lee of NBC News; 2. U.S. president whose mother’s first name was Stanley; 3. 109-Down portrayer in 2003’s “Elf”; 4. Approaches; 5. Purposes; 6. “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out” subject; 7. Give a leg up; 8. Part of Italy where Cape Spartivento is; 9. Disney doe; 10. Haughty; 11. “The Divorcee” actress Shearer; 12. Civil War org.; 13. Bud; 15. Colorado, e.g.: Abbr.; 16. Doesn’t give up; 18. Not yet in the oven; 24. R.M.N. served under him; 29. Some clouds; 32. Grand Forks sch.; 33. Auto last made in 1936; 34. “99 Luftballons” singer, 1984; 35. Noted John Boehner feature; 36. Prefix with Cities; 37. Souse’s sound; 38. Sip (into); 40. Mike and ___ (some jellybeans, informally); 44. Trying experiences; 45. Mom-and-pop grps.; 46. Fit; 47. Linear; 52. Fax cover sheet abbr.; 54. Transport on a slope; 55. Greece, to Greeks; 56. Retailer with a cat and dog in its logo; 58. Numbers game; 59. Call up; 62. Interrogate, in a way; 63. Dessert menu phrase; 64. Sheets and such; 67. “Esmé” writer; 68. Beak or beat; 71. Early 12th-century year; 76. Sister company of ABC; 77. Title; 78. Ballet leap; 79. Hope; 81. Take the offensive; 84. Caramel-filled treat; 86. Figure in Tom Thumb tales; 88. Wife of Esau; 94. Buttons on the big screen; 96. Geisha’s accessory; 96. “Top Gun” org.; 97. Disgusted cry; 98. Medical suffix; 99. “Mayberry ___”; 104. Welcomed, as a guest at the door; 105. Motif; 106. Epitome of hotness; 107. 911 responder; 109. See 3-Down; 111. “The Constant Gardener” heroine; 114. Sicilian city; 117. Way to go: Abbr.; 118. Un-P.C. suffix; 119. Souse; 120. TV show filmed at 30 Rock; 121. ___ sort; 122. You: Fr.; 123. Not vert.; 124. And the rest: Abbr.

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