03.24.11 — J E T S

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Puzzle by Ian Livengood, edited by Will Shortz

J E T S in circles at the beginning of JACUZZI FEATURES, ENGINES ON A PLANE, TEAM FROM NEW YORK and SHARKS RIVAL GANG (all clued as See circles) constitute the interrelated group of this lively Thursday crossword.

Other — ATELIERS (20A. Where oils are produced), COULD I (4D. “Would they let me?“), DREAMT (21A. Imagined), INTERN (23D. June-August worker, perhaps), JEZEBELS (5D. Wicked women), PIE PLATE (9D. Makeshift Frisbee), SALMON (27D. Pink shade), TELL A LIE (55A. Prevaricate), TUNDRA (51A. Caribou’s domain), YEAGER (48D. Flier of the X-1).

Five-letter — AFOR, AHERO, ALOHA, EBOOK, EMERY (14A. Something that might reduce a tip?), ENDAT, GENOA, MARIS (43A. Ruth chaser in 1961), NEALE, NICER, ONE AM and SLEEP (28D. Common time for 38-Across), ROAST, SAHIB, SLANT, SWELL, TENET, TRAPS, YADDA, ZIONS.

Short stuff — ASNO, AURA, BAJA, BARE,, BLOC, DANO, Art DECO, DOB, DREW, ECHO, EGOS, EMIR, EVER, GAIN, GLUE, IDA, INHD, IRE, ITEM, JERI, LACE, LAD, LSAT, LUTE, NAPA, NEE, NEST (12D. “Cheep“ accommodations), OHM, ONCE, OON, PEE, POPE, REB and REO, REDS and REFS, SHAW, TINA, TSPS, UH OH (52D. "This might get ugly!").


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THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Tea Partiers, in Congress, e.g.; 5. Ryan of “Boston Public”; 9. Appreciate; 13. Come ___ surprise; 16. Subject of a lesson for Katharina in “The Taming of the Shrew”; 22. July 4, 1872, for Calvin Coolidge: Abbr.; 23. Muckraker Tarbell; 33. Called previously; 34. Pitch; 35. Title of respect; 36. Paul of “There Will Be Blood”; 41. ___ shirt (colorful short sleeved attire); 45. Classic auto; 49. Suffix with buff; 50. Person’s head?; 62. Writer who popularized the saying “To err is human, to forgive divine”); 63. Position; 64. Lingering trace; 65. The 1999 comedy “She’s All That” is based on his work; 66. Unveiled; 67. Médoc and Grenache. — DOWN: 1. ___ 1000 (annual Mexican race); 2. Some coll. Seniors take it for Harvard and Yale, but not for Princeton; 3. “The Raven” opening; 6. Doha V.I.P.; 7. Zebras; 8. Cause of shouting; 9. Arts and crafts purchase; 10. Special glow; 11. TMZ twosome; 15. When tripled, “and so on”; 18. ___ Camp, historic Mormon expedition led by Joseph Smith; 19. Green surroundings?; 24. Finish on; 25. Writer Zora ___ Hurston; 26. Salami option; 29. Young ‘un; 30. “Don’t be ___”; 31. More gentlemanly or ladylike; 32. Kindle download; 37. His law is represented as 1 = V/R; 42. Stick ___ in (test for doneness); 44. Keen; 47. Often-television celebrity event; 51. Recipe amts.; 53. Wine region; 54. Took a card; 55. Rock bassist Weymouth; 56. By any chance; 57. Collar material; 58. How many TV shows can be seen nowadays; 59. Big heads; 61. Jeff Davis follower.

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