03.12.11 — Lifelong Friend

Truman Capote: Harold Halma’s picture on the dust jacket of Other Voices, Other Rooms (1948) caused as much comment and controversy as the prose inside. Truman claimed that the camera had caught him off guard, but in fact he had posed himself and was responsible for both the picture and the publicity.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Puzzle by Joon Pahk, edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Kind of beam, LASER; 6. It’s generated for high-quality pictures, OSCAR BUZZ; 15. What many are forced to live in, EXILE; 16.Lifelong friend of Truman Capote, HARPER LEE; 17. Crazy, in rap slang, ILLIN’; 18. “Lay it on me”, I’M ALL EARS; 19. Like signs, PREDICTIVE; 21. All the time, A LOT; 22. Court area, ZONE; 23. Some extended arguments, ESSAYS; 25. Follower of Mao, IST; 27. Still, AS YET; 28. King of Tartary in “Turandot”, TIMUR; 30. Begins brawling, GETS IT ON; 32. Bathing resort on the Lahn River, BAD EMS; 33. Issachar’s uncle, ESAU; 34. Rosencrantz or Guildenstern, DANE; 35. Tags, LABELS; 38. Brake-slamming result, DEAD STOP; 42. Exercise done while pedaling, ETUDE; 43. Nickname for a Manhattan jail, with “the”, TOMBS; 44. Kind of virus, RNA; 45. Results of big hits?, OWS; 46. Meadowsweet, SPIREA; 48. Hierarchy part, TIER; 49. Scorecard data, PARS; 51. Stance of impatience, ARMS AKIMBO; 53. Stirring up more trouble, AT IT AGAIN; 55. Like some blocked passages, NASAL; 56. Aroma, REDOLENCE; 57. Bounteous, AMPLE; 58. Sports Illustrated’s 2010 Sportsman of the year, DREW BREES; 59. Chemistry Nobelist Hoffman, ROALD.

Down — 1. Battle of the Nations site, 1813, LEIPZIG; 2. Frontman on the 2008 rock album “Chinese Democracy”, AXL ROSE; 3. “The Colbert Report” ends with one, SILENT T; 4. Drop in speech, ELIDE; 5. Painter of the “Crucifixion of St. Peter” in the Vatican, RENI; 6. Words of recognition, OH IT’S YOU; 7. Its three strings are plucked with a bachi, SAMISEN; 8. Accessory popularized by Louis XIV, CRAVAT; 9. Marquand title character, APLEY; 10. Sects’ appeal?: Abbr., REL; 11. City next to Fullerton, BREA; 12. Poem set “in the ghoul-haunted woodland of Weir”, ULALUME; 13. Like games with win-win outcomes, ZERO SUM; 14. They only scrape the surface, ZESTERS; 20. Court baskets, CESTAS; 24. Cheering section, STANDS; 27. Places for runners, AISLES; 29. Yearly dozen, IDES; 32. Kid’s repetitive plea?, BAA BAA; 34. Lands around mansions, DEMESNES; 35. Tiger’s successor, computerwise, LEOPARD; 36. Lee who advised Reagan and Bush, ATWATER; 37. Reason to hire a coach, BUS RIDE; 38. Small, furry-tailed hibernators, DORMICE; 39. Big name in weight-loss supplements, TRIMSPA; 40. It’s solid yellow, ONE BALL; 41. Like many ex-cons, PAROLED; 43. Capital whose central plaza is Skanderbeg Square, TIRANE; 47. One going off on somebody?, PAGER; 48. Words from un innamorato, TI AMO; 50. Throw below, say, STOW; 52. Lumber feature, KNAR; 54. 43-Down’s place: Abbr., ALB.


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