03.22.11 — FATE

Fate by Joe Scorsone and Alice Drueding


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Puzzle by Albert R. Picallo, edited by Will Shortz

TWIST OF FATE (35A. Unexpected development … or what the answer to each starred clue contains?), along with the eight sets of circled letters, AFET, ATFE, AFTE, EFTA, TEAF, FEAT, FETA and ATEF constitutes the interrelated group of this fine Tuesday crossword. The circled letters are contained in C[AFET]ERIA (18A. * Dining area), FL[AT FE]ET (21A. *Result of collapsed arches), [AFTE]R ALL (53A. *Nevertheless), L[EFT A]LONE (56A. *Didn‘t disturb), [TEA F]OR TWO (4D. *Song from “No, No, Nanette“), [FEAT]S (21D. *Daredevils), ST[ATE F]AIR (34D. *“It Might as Well Be Spring” musical) and [FETA]L (35D. *Kind of position).

Other — ASTERS, DHARMA, EXILED, HI-TECH, MENACE, OMERTA (3D. Code of silence for 35-Down) and THE MAFIA (35D. Tony Soprano‘s group), ON TASK, ORPHAN, PLANED, PORTHOLE, RAMONE (48A. Dee Dee, Tommy, Joey or Johnny of punk), RATED A, SLIDER, TOTEMS, TV TIME.

Five-letter — ARIES, ASPEN, ATE AT, CLERK, ISAAC (7D. English theologian Watts), LIMES, NIECE, OFTEN, Jacques Tati’s “Mon ONCLE, PHOTO, PRANK, RAN ON, SALAD, STEEP, STOLE.

Short stuff — ADO, ANA, APE, CPA, DAFT and DEFT, DRS, EAR, ECHO and ECTO, EEC, Get an E FOR effort, ELI, ERR, EXEL, FINI, INK, I TRY, LAP, MOA (33D. Emu‘s extinct cousin), MVI, NEA and NEW, NERF, NOR, NSA, OID, ONE, ORY, OST, RCA, REEL, RONI, SLAW, SNO.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. ID card feature; 6. Suffix with human or planet; 9. Colorado skiing mecca; 14. Some bar wedges; 15. Code-cracking org.; 16. Ripped off; 17. Bothered no end; 20. Soft ball brand; 22. Outer: Prefix; 23. Former Common Market inits.; 24. Annie of the comics, e.g.; 27. Greg’s sitcom mate; 29. O.R. workers; 30. E’s value, in Scrabble; 31. Period following homework completion, perhaps; 34. Picnic dish; 38. Something a yodeler may hear; 40. Considered good by Moody’s; 41. Big lug; 42. Jazz trombonist Kid ___: 44. Tribal emblems; 50. Nipper’s co.; 52. Former N.B.A. star Nick Van ___; 55. Artist’s “Done!”; 58. Dish prepared with tongs; 59. Sign of spring; 60. Fish-fowl link; 61. Caroline Kennedy, to Ted; 62. Short-sheeting or T.P.’ing; 63. Printer’s supply; 64. “And that’s an ___!” — DOWN: 1. Made smooth; 2. Continuing state-of-the-art gadgetry; 5. Sunrise direction, in Berlin; 8. Off one’s rocker; 9. Fall bloomers; 10. Sharply inclined; 11. Window with an ocean view; 12. QB Manning; 13. Museum-funding org.; 25. Santa ___ winds; 26. Just out; 28. 1,006, in old Rome; 29. Nimble-fingered; 32. Modest response to praise; 37. Hubbub; 38. Makeshift pencil holder; 39. E-file preparer; 42. Focused, at work; 43. Fiddler’s tune; 45. Banished to Siberia, say; 46. Threat; 47. Small burger; 49. Quite a lot; 50. Yakked away; 51. Bob Cratchit, for one; 54. Rice-A-___; 56. Swimmer’s workout unit; 57. Blow it; 58. ___-Cat.

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