03.01.11 — TEA

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Puzzle by C. W. Stewart, edited by Will Shortz

SPOT OF TEA (4 p.m. British refreshment … or what can be found in 18-, 25-, 47- and 58-Across and 3-Down?), ACUTE ANGLE (18A. It measures less than 90°), VOTE AGAINST (25A. Say “nay” to); LATE ARRIVAL (47A. One who was detained, maybe), RABBIT EARS (58A. Old TV antenna) and WASTE AWAY (3D. Shrivel to nothing) are the interrelated group of this pleasant Tuesday crossword.

Other — DESIRE (29D. Tennessee Williams “streetcar”), EVER SO, HAVING, IDEATE (27D. Cook up, so to speak), LOCATE, LOW END, NET SALES (8D. Income statement figure), PUT ONS, QUARRELS (39D. Heated exchanges), SHAMAN (9D. Tribal healer).

Five-letter — “Can’t talk now … I’m expecting A CALL, ADELE (28A. Fred‘s dancing sister), ALIEN, AMUSE, ARGON, ASSAM (22A. Silk-producing region of India), AVAST, BELTS, BERET, CAPER, CURRLS, DELIS, EAGER, EGRET, EMAIL, EVENT, HAREM, ISAAC, ISLES, LIRAS, MANTA, SAFES, SCADS, SLANG, SMELT, TIBIA, TITHE, VERSE.

Short stuff — ALE, AMAH, BEN, BUS (42A. Greyhound, e.g.), CAN,ICI on parle français“, “IT’LL be a cold day in …”, LAM, LASE, LEND, MAY I (“Please“), METE, MEWS, NASA, OBI, OIL, OLD, OVA, PEN and PER, PGA and PTA, PLAN, PTS and QTS (Milk amts.), RHEA, SASS, SCOW, SEW, SHAH, TOME, YRS.

Our trouble is that we drink too much tea.
I see in this the slow revenge of the Orient,
which has diverted the Yellow River down our throats.
~ J. B. Priestley

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Kitty cries; 5. Architect’s handiwork; 9. Lots and lots; 14. Indian housemaid; 15. Hefty volume; 18. Women’s area in a palace; 17. LEM maker; 20. Church’s percentage; 23. Jed Clampett’s find on “The Beverly Hillbillies”; 24. Stein filler; 30. Act the pawnbroker; 31. Cheapest in a line; 33. Part of r.p.m.; 34. Lay eyes on; 40. Tartar sauce morsel; 41. “Please?”; 43. Hoaxes; 44. Cousin of an emu; 46. Plumed wader; 51. Kimono accessory; 55. Feature of many a greeting card; 56. Keepers of jewels; 62. Little green man?; 63. Do some high-tech surgery on; 64. Allot, with “out”; 65. Some teen talk; 66. Garbage hauler; 67. Mouth off to. — DOWN: 1. Powerful ray; 2. iPhone capability; 4. Deposed Iranian ruler; 5. Bake sale org.; 6. Track down; 7. Tickle pink; 10. Pokey; 11. Most common inert gas in the atmosphere; 12. Places to get Reubens; 13. Remove impurities from; 19. Raring to go; 21. Part of a meet; 26. Long in the tooth; 27. Cook up, so to speak; 31. Skedaddle; 32. Lab eggs; 36. International writers’ org. with appropriate initials; 37. Soph. and jr.; 40. Biceps-strengthening exercises; 42. Special Forces cap; 43. Masters org.; 45. In possession of; 46. To a great extent; 47. Turkish money; 49. Neighbor of the fibula; 50. Hayes or Newton; 52. Sings out loudly; 53. Cays; 57. Aligns the crosshairs; 59. Gridder Roethlisberger; 60. Use a Singer.

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