03.28.11 — Meat and Chips

Daniel in the Lion's Den by Peter Paul Rubens, c. 1615


Monday, March 28, 2011

Puzzle by Robyn Weintraub / Edited by Will Short

CHIPS (69A. Things that 18-, 27-, 46- and 60-Across may have), OLD DISHES (18A. Much-used dinnerware), POKER TABLES (27A. Centers of casino action), BRITISH PUBS (46A. Places to drink and play darts) and SHOULDERS (60A. They’re shrugged) comprise the interrelated group of this amiable Monday crossword.

Other —ADORING (53A. Loving), ALAN / LADD (15A. With 8-Down “Shane” star), ATHLETIC (41D. Part of N.C.A.A.), AT RANDOM (39D. Haphazardly), DIVERGE (22A. Branch off), INDIRECT (9D. Not as the crow flies), RED MEAT (38A. Food thrown to lions), RENT FREE (5D. Like living with Mom and Dad, perhaps), STATURE (40A. Height).

Mid-size — AD HOC, BALBOA (48A. Spanish discoverer of the Pacific, 1513), BASES and BASKS, BESET, BRUIN, ERODE, EXILE, IS TOO, LASSIE, LOOFA, MAI TAI, MAVEN, OCHRE, OMEGA, PLENTY, REMAKE, RESEAT, TENOR, TOTAL, TOWER (1A. Pisa has a leaning one).

Short stuff — ABM, ACME (16A. Zenith), ALL, ANTI (57A. Prefix with disestablishmentarianism), ARAB, BOIL, BOOB, EDEN, ELMO, EROS, FEMA, GELS, GENE, IMAC, IVES, KIDD, KOFI, KOOP, MALI, MAO, MEAN, MESH, MTV, ONCE, ORAL, OXEN, PERU, RCA (61D. Zenith competitor), SCAN, SEN, SIR, STAG, STOP, TAMS, TEMP, TUTU, VEIL, WOVE (3D. Used a loom).


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 6. Landlocked African country; 10. Numbskull; 14. Wear away; 16. Zenith; 17. Expert; 20. More than sufficient; 23. Disaster preparedness org.; 26. Move to another location, as in a restaurant; 32. Force out of the country; 33. Apple computer; 34. Fawn’s father; 42. Control+Z on a PC; 43. Scottish caps; 45. Add up; 52. It may be lifted at a wedding; 55. 2001’s “Ocean’s Eleven” or 2010’s “The Karate Kid”; 63. Voice below alto; 64. Diplomat Annan; 65. Fairy tale starter; 66. Playground retort; 67. Copiers do it; 68. Black-hearted. — DOWN: 1. It may be measured in F. or C.; 2. Spoken; 4. Genesis garden; 6. China’s ___ Zedong; 7. Completely; 10. First, second, third and home; 11. Yellowish shade; 12. Alpha’s opposite; 13. Assail; 19. St. ___, place in a children’s rhyme; 21. “You ain’t seen nothing’ ___!”; 24. Tiki bar order; 25. Defensive weapon, for short; 27. Land conquered by Conquistadors; 28. Yoked pair; 29. English pirate captain; 30. Tickle Me ___; 31. TV collie; 34. “Freeze!”; 35. Ballerina’s skirt; 36. Bedouin, e.g.; 37. Dippity-do and others; 44. “Yo! ___ Raps”; 46. Heat to 212°; 47. Title for Walter Scott; 48. Lies in the sun; 49. Kind of committee 50. Natural scrubber; 51. Boston N.H.L.’er; 54. Chromosome part; 56. Fit together; 58. Surgeon general under Reagan; 59. Cupid, to the Greeks; 62. U.S. legislator with a six-yr. term.

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