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Mickey Mouse in wizard hat from the 1941 film Fantasia


Friday, March 4, 2011

Puzzle by Joe Krozel, edited by Will Shortz

Stunts in crosswords are quite different than gimmicks, or whatever — stunts please few and gimmicks amuse many. Read Wordplay. Or this. Both get the puzzle days ahead of all the rest of us. They’re in the business… In any event, this pleasing Friday crossword features the stunt of two sets of four 15-letter across entries with an unfortunate, scattered stingy passageway between the two sets:

SALES AGREEMENTS (1. Certain contracts)
I DON’T FEEL LIKE IT (16. Procrastinator’s comment)
PITCAIRN’S ISLAND (17. Last of Nordhoff and Hall’s “Bounty Trilogy”)
SATELLITE STATES (18. East Germany and such)

AFRICAN-AMERICAN (46. Term popularized by Jesse Jackson)
A LOT ON ONE’S PLATE (55. Much that has to get done)
HAMILTON ONTARIO (56. City on the Niagara Escarpment)
STAND ON ONE’S TOES (57. Strain to see, in a way)

Other across — ERASE, LED TO, OLDEN, WINE GLASS (39A. Port terminal?), WIZARD HAT (23A. What may be put on before spelling?), XEROX.

Down — ADD IN, Have A FILE on, Lhasa APSOS, CELLI (21. They‘re straddled in pits), EDIT IN, EKLAND (12D. Bond girl player in “The Man With the Golden Gun”), ELISHA (10D. Wonder-working biblical figure), ENCEINTE (4D. Pregnant), EXCERPTS, GO COLD (41. Lose momentum), HEARN, IVIES, LEAN TO, MESNE, MISTER, RETAIL AT, STALLION (5D. Casanova), WANDA, Z AXIS.

Short stuff — AAHS, ADIA, ANNO, Play to A TIE, AVA, CANI, CARO, CTNS, DEI and DOE, ELI, ELSE, EPH, FLAT, GERI, HEN (20A. Source of collectible deposits), ILE, LOEW, LOTT, MEA, “Turnin ME ON", NEAT, NEOS, NIX, NOON (49D. Hand-passing time), RENT, ROMA, SIPS, STDS, THE X Factor“, TINE.

For angst, go HERE.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 19. Infant follower?; 21. “Please?”; 29. Prefaced; 30. One of Frank’s four wives; 31. Book before Phil.; 32. ___ times; 33. Turn down; 34. Get off the mark?; 36. Philanthropist/art collector ___ Broad; 37. “Fabien ___ Franchi” (Oscar Wilde poem); 38. ColorQube maker; 43. They may hold many pks.; 44. Unknown name; 45. Latin pronoun. — DOWN: 1. Uses a 39-Across; 2. #3 hit from the 1997 album “Surfacing”; 3. He followed Dole in the Senate; 6. Have ___ on (track the activities of); 7. “The Facts of Life” actress Jewell; 8. It may be stabilized; 9. Further; 11. Buddy; 13. Smart; 14. Point of eating?; 15. Regular things: Abbr.; 22. Contribute; 23. Film fish; 24. Brown’s group; 25. Depth finder?; 26. “La Cage aux Folles” Tony winner; Lhasa ___ (supposed good luck bringers); 28. “___ Factor” (TV talent show); 29. MGM co-founder; 34. Clips; 35. Go for; 40. Make part of the manuscript; 42. Rough roof; 45. Intervening, in law; 46. Music to masseurs’ ears; 47 Needing to get keyed up?; 48. See 52-Down; 50. A dozen mesi; 51. “Turnin ___” (2009 Keri Hilson hit); 52. One loved in 48-Down; 54. Traditionalists’ opposite, briefly.

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