Marching Bands

The United States Army Band marching in the funeral procession for General George S. Patton Jr., whose services were held in Heidelberg before his burial in Luxembourg, December 1945


Marching Bands, Puzzle by Fred Piscop, edited by Will Shortz

If you subscribe to The New York Times on-line Premium Crosswords, you are probably familiar with the monthly bonus puzzle. For the month of March, the title of this well-tuned crossword is Marching Bands, featuring thirty-something clues containing band.

Across — 1. Marching band instrument, FIFE; 12. Allan-ADALE (one of Robin Hood’s “merry band”); 15. Travel, like a band, TOUR; 26. Arnaz, who played bandleader Ricky Ricardo, DESI; 29. The United States ARMY Band (“Pershing’s Own”); 32. Band of schemers, CABAL; 40. “Sgt. PEPPERS’ Lonely Hearts Club Band” ; 46. Encircle with a band, GIRD; 54. “Back in Black” band, ACDC; 57. “HAIL to the Chief” (Marine Band song); 64. Band of thieves’ take, LOOT; 67. Bandy words, SPAR; 68. Clark of “American Bandstand”, DICK; 69. Bandleader’s command, HIT IT; 71. SEA-Band (motion sickness relief brand).

Down — 3. Furbys and Silly Bandz, FADS; 4. Stretchy, as a waistband, ELASTIC; 5. Small band, TRIO; 6. Wedding band alternative, DEEJAY; 7. Barbershop band, STROP; 8. Like a Band-aid solution, STOP-GAP; 9. Go SOLO (leave the band); 11. Cigar band collection holder, TRAY; 13. Big Band and Victorian, for two, ERAS; 26. Record DEALS (unsigned bands’ hopes); 28. Org. that disbanded in 1977, SEATO; 38. Band of scouts, TROOP; 44. Prisms’ color bands, SPECTRA; 46. Rock band follower, GROUPIE; 48. Rock band helper, ROADIE; 55. Security force at some rock band concerts, COPS; 61. Bandleader Puente, TITO; 63. Bands’ gig units, SETS.


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