03.30.11 — Redshift

Artist's impression of a binary star system consisting of a black hole and a red giant star. A binary star system has two sets of spectral lines that are alternately red and blue shifted. This indicates that while one star is traveling away from Earth (redshift), the other is coming toward it (blueshift), Photo Researchers, Inc.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Puzzle by Erik Wennstrom / Edited by Will Shortz

REDSHIFTED (47A. Like light from stars moving away from us … or like the answers to this puzzle’s starred clues?), whitewashed + red = PINK WASHED (29A. *Like a baby girl’s laundry?); blueprint + red = PURPLE PRINT (11D. *Newspapers read by royalty?); and yellow fever + red = ORANGE FEVER (25D. *Illness caused by eating Cheetos?) comprise the interrelated group of this elusive but illuminating Wednesday crossword.

Other — ANGEL HAIR (10D. Pasta variety), DEACON (33D. Priest’s assistant), DEODORIZE (35D. Freshen), DUST-UP (49D. Quarrel), DVORAK (23A. Typewriter keyboard format), ERASURE (20A. What a smudge may indicate), HAPPEN (48D. Come to pass), IN BETA (9D. Still being tested), “MUST’NT touch!“, PICASSO (56A. He had a Blue Period), T-STRAP (5D. Feature of some sandals), VALOUR (24D. Bravery, in Britain).

Five-letter — “Sealed With A KISS”, CAPES, DAUNT, DOGGY, EMMAS, Stevie Wonder’s “Songs in the KEY OF Life, NUTRI-Grain cereal bars, PYREX, QUEST, SANER, SEEMS, SNORT, SOOTY, STYES, TOMAS de Torquemada, Spanish inquisitor, UTICA, WREST, YUGOS (43A. Often-mocked cars of the past).

Short stuff — ACE, ALPS, ALSO, AMER, APSE, CLOG, DOUR, ECRU, EGOS, ELKS, EMU and UMA, EPPS, ESC, FORA (51A. Opportunities for discussion), GLAD, GONE, GROK, GRUB, IAGO, ICON, IRAN, JEDI, JIGS, LEVI, A MERE technicality!”, MIR, NOGO, NOR, NULL, OAR, PALL, PREZ, QED, ROSE (45A. Jack’s love in “Titanic”), RICO, Tenor SAX, SERE and SUER, SLOP, SSR, TELL (26A. Bluffer‘s undoing, in poker).


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Pursuit of a goal; 6. Yoda, for one; 1. Altar locale; 14. Thompson and Watson; 15. Two eighth notes, for iTunes, e.g.; 16. Empty, in math; 17. Cause to cower; 18. Oater fare; 19. Understand, slangily; 22. What a smudge may indicate; 22. Foreman portrayer on “house”; 28. Use one’s scull; 34. Bag brand; 36. One going before a judge; 37. Corrida wear; 39. Done for; 40. Eye problems; 42. Theocratic state; 46. Possessing many pesos; 50. Confirm-deny link; 54. Vista part: Abbr.; 60. Dolly the matchmaker; 61. Grow wearisome; 66. Abe or Ike; 67. They may clash; 68. City on the Mohawk; 69. Like the Atacama; 70. Scrubbed, as a mission; 71. Material for a baking dish. DOWN: “And that proves it”; 2. Thurman of “Pulp Fiction” 3. Creature on Australia’s 50-cent coin; 4. Not so off the wall; 6. Happy people dance them; 7. Color of raw silk; 8. Ill-humored; 12. Not stay in the bucket, say; 13. Some lodge members; 23. Canine, to a tot; 27. Key near F1; 32. Take forcibly; 38. Bull pen sound; 41. Comes across as; 44. Ukr., e.g., until 1991; 53. Like a chimney sweep; 54. Matterhorn’s locale; 57. “Aladdin” parrot; 58. Pipe problem; 59. Moreover; 63 Atlantis docked with it; 64. Sleuth Ventura.

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