03.19.11 — Saturday

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Puzzle by Joe DiPietro, edited by Will Shortz

The usual Saturday crossword, rife with sinuous and tenuous clues bordering on the totally useless; however, in this case a bit of humor can be found in the resulting alienation.

Across — 1. Lead follower, SLEUTH; 7. They make vehicles very volatile, CAR BOMBS; 15. Item removed before showering, TOUPEE; 16. “See!”, I TOLD YOU; 17. Locations for many pipes, ORGANS; 18. Where many people fall asleep at the wheel, REST STOP; 19. Pablo Neruda’s “ODES to Opposites”; 20. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 …, e.g., SERIES; 22. Naval inits., HMS; 23. Reason to wear earplugs, DIN; 24. Underweight delivery, maybe, RUNT; 25. “Lemme AT ‘EM!”; 27. Resin used in varnishes, MASTIC; 29. Spout, JET; 32. Keeps in order, POLICES; 34. Away, in a way, ON LEAVE; 36. Heads off, AVERTS; 37. Borderline fare?, TEXMEX; 38. Strategy game with disks, REVERSI; 40. Unwilling to stay in line, DEFIANT; 41. Shot, TRY; 42. Used a knight stick on?, LANCED; 44. It can be bought without money, TIME; 45. Big ball, GALA; 46. Rockling, e.g., COD; 47. See 48-Down, AIR; 50. Whence Romeo, VERONA; 52. Basilica di San Nicola locale, BARI; 53. Cookware item with low sides, CREPE PAN; 55. Carmine’s cousin, CLARET; 57. It’s between 90 and 100, A AVERAGE; 58. 1951 title role for Mario Lanza, CARUSO; 59. To a very great degree, IN SPADES; 60. Shake, TREMOR.

Down — 1. Distinguished oneself, STOOD APART; 2. Act like the master of, LORD IT OVER; 3. 2003 Grammy winner for “A Mighty Wind”, EUGENE LEVY; 4. Dress UP AS (look like); 5. It may be hung on a board, TEN; 6. BP competitor, HESS; 7. It’s white and wispy, CIRRUS; 8. Depleted, ATE INTO; 9. Optimistic, ROSE TINTED; 10. They’re listed near clubs, BLTS; 11. Shows no moderation, briefly, ODS; 12. One often dispelled, MYTH; 13. Business owner’s delight, BOOM; 14. More than noshes, SUPS; 21. Geologic succession, ERAS; 26. Plowing problem, MIRE; 27. Item next to a phone, MESSAGE PAD; 28. Pitch setter, CLEF; 29. Spirit of the Caribbean, JAMAICA RUM; 30. In yet a greater way, EVEN MORE SO; 31. Something to paste in, TEXT EDITOR; 33. Abbr. associated with certain shortcuts, CTRL; 35. Tollbooth site, EXIT; 39. Burning up, IN A RAGE; 40. Certain disciplinarian, DEAN; 43. Matchmaker’s output?, CLONES; 47. ACAI palm; 48. With 47-Across, it stopped flying to New York in 1979, IRAN; 49. Prepares for dragging, REVS; 50. Bea Arthur’s “Mame” role, VERA; 51. Thing pulled up in a bank: Abbr., ACCT; 52. Stripped, BARE; 54. Bounce, PEP; 56. “Knots Landing” actress LAR Park Lincoln.


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