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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Puzzle by Matt Ginsberg, edited by Will Shortz

WORDS PRONOUNCED / DIFFERENTLY / WHEN CAPITALIZED (16A. With 36- and 58-Across, what the answers to the starred clues are), READING (1A. *Poet’s performance), RAINIER (65A. *Like Seattle vis-à-vis Phoenix), MOBILE (22D. *Not fixed) and POLISH (31D. *Shine) are the interrelated group of this Thursday crossword.

Other — ALBANIA (14A. Country with which the U.S. goes to war in “Wag the Dog”), ANEMONE (12D. Flower that shares its name with a tentacled sea creature), DEMAREST (36D. William who played Uncle Charley on “My Three Sons”), GOES BAD, I MANAGE, IN A FLAT (23D. Like Elgar’s Symphony No. 1), LAST ONE, LOCALITY (11D. Neighborhood), MANTLES, PAD THAI (39D. Noodle dish), RED EYES (13D. They might depart at midnight), REDONDO Beach, Calif., SCRAWLS, SOMEONE.

Mid-size — ABROAD, ANGELI (40A. Figures on the ceiling of la Cappella Sistina), ARIEGE (45D. French department in the Pyrenees), AS AM I, BAILEY, BANZAI, CAME AS, CELLAR, COOLER, DEADER, ELOISE, MISS M (54A. Bette‘s “Divine“ stage persona), NOTES (35A. B, A, D, G and E, e.g.), RAPINE (30A. Plunder), RAW BAR, SHARE, SITS BY, SO MANY, SPELL (38A. Say ‘B-A-D-G-E,” e.g.), SYBIL.

Short stuff — ANTS, ATRA, BIO, COB, DAD, DAME, “What’s the DIF?”, EMU, ERN, GARY (7D. Player of golf), INN and INS, “Whatever it IS I don’t care!”, ITEM, LAI, LEND, LOY, MAMA, NEO, NIA, NIPS, OBI, OLEA, RDA, RIPE, SNIT, STIR, TORI, YEGG.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 8. Frequent flooding site; 15. Who “saved my life tonight” in a 1975 Elton John hit); 18. Jacket material, for short?; 19. 197 nonfiction best seller about a woman with multiple personalities; 20. Lady of the knight?; 21. “Me, too”; 24. Line ___; 26. “The Thin Man” actress; 32. Big name in circuses; 43. Spoils; 47. Nutritional amt.; 48. Doughnuts, but not danishes; 51. Piece of the action; 52. Gillette offering; 57. Actress Vardalos; 62. “I’m done after this”; 63. “Somehow everything gets done”; 64. Does nothing. — DOWN: 1. Seafood lover’s hangout; 2. Nancy Drew’s aunt; 3. One way to travel or study; 4. Pop; 5. Connections; 6. Cheese ___; 8. Clink; 9. Prey of wild dogs and crocodiles; 10. Furnish; 15. Huff; 17. Japanese band; 25. Cloaks; 29. Pharmaceutical oils; 33. Old World eagle; 34. Burglar in detective stories; 37. Prefix with paganism; 38. Many signatures; 39. Noodle dish; 42. Lots and lots of; 44. Battle cry; 46. Less lively; 49. Opportune; 53. Drones, maybe; 55. Excitement; 56. ___ Bear; 59. Inner ear?; 60. Medieval French love poem; 61. What a keeper may keep.

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