03.03.11 — Two Presidents

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Puzzle by David J. Kahn, edited by Will Shortz

Either of the two presidents who also served as a 17-Across from 62-Across, cluing ANDREW JACKSON or ANDREW JOHNSON (39-Across), e.g., ACK and/or OHN in three squares, along with U S SENATOR (17A.) and TENNESSEE (62A.) are the interrelated entries of this Thursday crossword. The three matching downs are CANE or CAKE (33. It’s rich in sugar), COOK or HOOK (41. Captain James of the high seas) and Cotton BALLS or BOLLS.

Other — ABOUND IN (39D. Overflow with), ALBANIAN (12D. Language known to native speakers as “gjuho shqipe”), GERONIMO (11D. Real-life character in the 1950 western “Broken Arrow”), GO IT ALONE (14A. Act independently), NBA TEAMS (40D. Timberwolves and the like), ROYALTIES (67A. Publisher’s department).

Mid-size — ACREAGE, APLOMB, ATTEST, COARSE, IGUANA (1D. Creature with a dewlap), KISSES, LOSSES, MCMIII, OYSTER (24A. Food sometimes eaten with a small fork), RANEE, RED SKY, SOLOED, TASTE IT, THESIS, TOM JOAD (27D. 1940 Henry Fonda role).

Five-letter — ABBIE, ADAIR, ADELA, AIMAT, ANTED, ASSET, CANTO, CAROM (4A. Kind of shot), ENSOR (68A. “The Scandalized Masks“ painter), EXTRA, GIMME (66A. Shot that‘s hard to miss), IDENT, MERGE, MISDO, NADIR, NAGAT, SNOWS, VERBS (18A. Come and go, e.g.), YIELD.

Short stuff — ADE, ALA and ALO, ARM (21D. Target of many a shot), ASSN, BOX, BRER, DST, ENE, EON, ERO, GAY, HAT (55A. Jipijapa, e.g.), ILK, IMO, NAE and NEE and NNE, NAVY, NYT, OAT, ONO, OTRA, PRES, ROT and RUT, SST, TEE (15D. Kind of shot), UNO, YULE.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.
Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Class; 9. Plague; 16. ___ Quested, “A Passage to India” woman; 19. Boon; 20. High-spirited; 22. Bagel flavor; 23. Formerly; 28. Mobile-to-Huntsville dir.; 29. League: Abbr.; 31. Introduction to a Spanish count?; 32. Year the first Tour de France was held; 35. Coolness; 38. Try to hit; 42. Wife in O’Neill’s “Desire Under the Elms”; 43. Performed a cadenza, e.g.; 44. Sandpaperish; 46. Santo Domingo greeting; 47. Other, to Orozco; 51. Cart track, e.g.; 52. Subject of a sailor’s weather maxim; 56. Chemical suffix; 57. Expensive seating area; 58. Passport, e.g.: Abbr.; 60. Gilbert ___, author of “A Void,” a 290-page novel without the letter E; 69. Kicked in; 70. Bygone flier. DOWN: 2. The “5” in “6-5,” e.g.; 3. Things wrapped in foil; 4. “Don Juan” division; 5. Reminiscent of; 6. Break down; 7. “Starpeace” recorder, 1985; 8. Conflate; 9. School whose 1910 football team went undefeated and unscored upon; 10. Drink suffix; 13. Have victory within one’s grasp; 25. Winter time; 26. Some blankets; 30. Rock bottom; 34. Botch; 36. Certain tense: Abbr.; 39. Overflow with; 42. Land; 45. Ranch closing?; 48. Argument; 49. Bollywood queens; 50. Warrant, with “to”; 53. One in a mob scene?; 54. Produce; 57. ___ Fox; 59. It starts in March: Abbr.; 61. Start of many a blog comment; 63. Long time; 64. Big Apple read: Abbr.; 65. Macduff rebuff.

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